10-minute Energising Wake Up Movement Session (bodyweight only)

This 10-minute energising bodyweight-only workout will wake you up and have you feeling better than when you started. Perfect to do first thing in the morning or after an afternoon nap.

This video was recorded during the COVID-19 lockdowns. As of today (March 31st 2020), all the gyms in Australia are shut and people aren’t allowed in groups of more than 2 in public. Despite all that’s going on it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep moving.

I do a variation of this fun movement session every time I need to energise for something. This afternoon I woke up from a nap and felt a bit lethargic but still had to cook dinner for the family. Once again, the pump was the cure.

Day 15 #repsforrona (theme: anytime):
– Pushups
– Star jumps
– Running on the spot
– Kicks
– Punches/strikes
– 10-minutes, 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off, twice through each movement

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