11 Tips And Tricks To Write Better Python Code

In this video, I show 11 Tips and Tricks to Write Better Python code! I show a lot of best practices that improve your code by making your code much cleaner and more Pythonic.

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All Tips:
1) Iterate with enumerate instead or range(len(x))
2) Use list comprehension instead of raw for loops
3) Sort complex iterables with sorted()
4) Store unique values with Sets
5) Save memory with Generators
6) Define default values in Dictionaries with .get() and .setdefault()
7) Count hashable objects with collections.Counter
8) Format strings with f-Strings (Python 3.6+)
9) Concatenate strings with .join()
10) Merge dictionaries with {**d1, **d2} (Python 3.5+)
11) Simplify if-statements with if x in list

List comprehension Tutorial: https://youtu.be/RaIu2-NM0t0

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