2019 (March) Converting Code to Run on TensorFlow 2.0 (including Keras)

I took a quick look at TensorFlow 2.0 to see how many of the examples from my course (Applications of Deep Neural Networks) would get broken. Since I am using Keras, it was not too bad. In this video I do a quick install of TensorFlow 2.0 and show some of the code changes that are needed to upgrade to TensorFlow 2.0.

Commands referred to in the video:

conda install -y jupyter
conda install -y scipy
pip install –upgrade sklearn
conda install -y pandas
conda install -y pandas-datareader
conda install -y matplotlib
conda install -y pillow
conda install -y upgrade requests
conda install -y upgrade h5py
conda install -y nb_conda

pip install tensorflow==2.0.0-alpha0
pip install tensorflow-gpu==2.0.0-alpha0

python -m ipykernel install –user –name tensorflow-2.0 –display-name “Python 3.6 (tensorflow-2.0)”

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