3Blue1Brown – Deep Learning, Chapter 1: But what is a neural network?

3Blue1Brown: Deep Learning, Chapter 1: But what is a neural network? •

This is a 3. It’s sloppily written and rendered at an extremely low resolution of 28×28 pixels, but your brain has no trouble recognizing it as a 3. And I want you to take a moment to appreciate how crazy it is that brains can do this so effortlessly. I mean this, this, and this […]

MIT 6.S094 Deep Learning Basics: Introduction and Overview

Welcome, everyone to 2019 it’s really good to see everybody here make it in the cold This is 6.S094 deep learning for self-driving cars It is part of a series of courses on deep learning that we’re running throughout this month The website that you can get all the content the videos the lectures and […]
MIT 6.0002 11. Introduction to Machine Learning

MIT 6.0002 11. Introduction to Machine Learning

The following content is provided under a Creative Commons license. Your support will help MIT OpenCourseWare continue to offer high quality educational resources for free. To make a donation or to view additional materials from hundreds of MIT courses, visit MIT OpenCourseWare at ocw.mit.edu. Okay, welcome back. You know, it’s that time of term when […]
Computerphile: Dealy Truth of General AI?

Computerphile: Deadly Truth of General AI?

In a very basic sense, if you’ve got a general intelligence, which therefore has preferences over world states and takes actions in the world to change the world, we have to make sure that its preferences are aligned with ours, that it wants what we want, because otherwise it’s going to try and do things […]
Computerphile: Holy Grail of AI

Computerphile: Holy Grail of AI

Right, so last time, which was quite a while ago, we were talking about intelligence in general, and the way that you can model intelligence as an optimization process. This was the Hill Club in Algorithm. Yeah, that was an example that we gave. We were using evolution as an example of an optimizing algorithm, […]
Computerphile: Deep Learning

Computerphile: Deep Learning

Tell me about deep learning. Maybe it gets slightly Matthew, but we can just go after with an example to see what the things are. But one typical example is if someone wants to say automatically what is the price of a property. So there are certain variables that are important for property, you know, […]
Stephen Wolfram: Computational Universe | MIT 6.S099: Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

MIT AGI: Computational Universe

Today we have Stephen Wolfram. Wow That's of course I didn't even get started you're already clapping In his book a new kind of science he has explored and revealed the power of beauty and complexity of cellular automata As simple computational systems were which incredible complexity can emerge
Lisa Feldman Barrett: How the Brain Creates Emotions |  MIT Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

MIT AGI: How the Brain Creates Emotions

We have Lisa Feldman Barrett with us. She is a University Distinguished Professor of Psychology at North Eastern University, Director of the interdisciplinary Effective Science Laboratory, author of the new, amazing book, How Emotions Are Made, The Secret Life of the Brain. She studies emotion, human emotion, from social, psychological, cognitive science and neuroscience perspectives.
MIT AGI: Cognitive Architecture (Nate Derbinsky)

MIT AGI: Cognitive Architecture

So today we have Nate Derbinski. He’s a professor at Northeastern University working on various aspects of computational agents that exhibit human level intelligence. Please give Nate a warm welcome. Applause Thanks a lot and thanks for having me here. So the title that was on the page was cognitive modeling. I’ll kind of get […]
Machine Learning Discussion with Daphne Koller and Yoshua Bengio

Machine Learning Discussion with Daphne Koller and Yoshua Bengio •

First of all, let me introduce Daphne Koller. It’s really a great honor for me to introduce her today, for you. She’s, as many of you know, a machine learning star, but she’s also an incredible achiever. Recipient of numerous awards, nominated among the most important people, most influential people and game changers by the […]
Computerphile: More Deep Learning

Computerphile: More Deep Learning

So this might be something that’s actually going on in the head of the of the estate agent because they’ve got experience and all of the exactly happening exactly exactly Well, then we I don’t know if you’re not an ex estate agent or a real estate agent Then you might not know this and […]
MIT AGI: Artificial General Intelligence

MIT AGI: Artificial General Intelligence

Course 6S099 will explore the nature of intelligence from as much as possible an engineering perspective. My voice will be that of an engineer. Our mission is to engineer intelligence.
MIT AGI: Building machines that see, learn, and think like people.

MIT AGI: Building machines that see, learn, and think like people.

Today we have Joshua Tenenbaum. He's a professor here at MIT, leading the computational cognitive science group. Among many other topics in cognition and intelligence, he is fascinated with the question of how human beings learn so much from so little. And how these insights can lead to build AI systems that are much more efficient learning from data. So please give Joshua a warm welcome.
MIT AGI: Future of Intelligence

MIT AGI: Future of Intelligence

Today we have Ray Kurzweil. He is one of the world's leading inventors, thinkers, and futurists, with a 30-year track record of accurate predictions, called the Restless Genius by the Wall Street Journal and the ultimate thinking machine by Ford's magazine.