MaDL – Differential Calculus

Let’s now talk a little bit about differential calculus. And because this is pretty much high school calculus, we’ll go a little bit faster here. The derivative of a function f of x, and on this light we only consider univariate functions, which means functions of a single, one-dimensional argument x. The derivative of a […]

6 Tips to write BETTER For Loops in Python

Hi everyone, I’m Patrick and in this video I show you six tips how you can write better fall loops in Python. These tips include some refactorings that you can apply right away to improve your code. So we start with a few very beginner friendly tips and then also move on to some advanced […]

AI Just Solved a 53-Year-Old Problem! | AlphaTensor, Explained

I’m gonna show you what I think is the most exciting breakthrough we’ve made this year. I understand that generating images, and text, and code is exciting, but this… All of our tensor… This can change everything. And although all of our tensor is about matrix multiplication, and that’s what everyone is talking about, I […]

Diplomacy Gameplay with CICERO | Meta AI

I’m Adam Lerr. I’m a research engineer at Met AI. And I’m Andrew Gough, three-time world diplomacy champion. And I’m consulting with the Met AI team on their project. So Andrew came in a few days ago and we decided to play a game with a bunch of people from the team as well as […]

Two Minute Papers: Ubisoft’s New AI: Breathing Life Into Games!

Dear Fellow Scholars, this is “Two Minute Papers” with Dr. Károly Zsolnai-Fehér. Earlier, we talked about AI-based techniques that can learn to clone your voice, and then we can perform text-to-speech. So, it would learn this… I think they have to change that. Further details are expected later. And then, the AI would generate this. […]

1-785 Deep Learning Recitation 11: Transformers Part 2

All right, welcome to the Transformers Recitation Part 2. This will be in continuation from part 1 where we coded it from scratch. One thing I’d like to note before we begin is I reviewed the rest of the presentation that I’ve recorded before. And I think I spoke very slowly in terms of my […]

MaDL – Vector Calculus

Let’s now move from differential calculus to vector calculus. That is the differentiation and also integration of vector fields. But in this unit we’ll only cover differentiation. And of course that’s very relevant for lectures like computer vision and the learning because we’re dealing a lot with matrices there. So we need to know how […]

Encoding a Feature Vector for PyTorch Deep Learning (4.1)

Welcome to applications of deep neural networks and PyTorch with Washington University. In this part, we’re going to take a look at how to encode tabular data for PyTorch. Tabular data is data that easily fits in something like Microsoft Excel. It’s not the slickest application of deep neural networks that are often doing computer […]

#82 – Dr. JOSCHA BACH – Digital Physics, DL and Consciousness [UNPLUGGED]

Welcome back to Street Talk, just a little bit of housekeeping before we kick off today. Paulina Salivadove is one of the organizers for a charity AI conference called AI Helps Ukraine. Now, their main goal is to raise funds for Ukraine, both from the folks attending the conference and also from companies sponsoring the […]

Productivity & Science Based AI Models – AI Spotlight

Today we've got two different products that are AI based that are really focused on productivity making your life either better for your personal organization skills or your business life. They're a little different from each other but they do share some similarities and I definitely think they are very important for you viewers to know about and I'm really hoping that you guys will be intrigued by these.