SingularityNET: SingularityNET's Culture | Introducing Renata Mowforth

Hello everyone, I’m Hanatomon IV Head of HR at SingularityNet. I’m here to support and enable leaders to manage their teams and bring the most talented professionals and the best people to work with us. What I most like about SingularityNet is working with the different mindsets and the culturally rich people where there is […]

YOU can try an AI chatbot as GOOD as LaMDA – Google’s “sentient” AI

Hello YouTube viewers, foreign, wide, welcome back to the Matt Video Productions channel. Now I am absolutely positive that you have heard of Google’s Alamda and the Google employee that was recently put on leave because he thought that it was sentient or alive. And I know you’ve seen many videos talking about it, but […]

11-785 Spring 2023 Recitation 0B: Fundamentals of NumPy (Part 4/8)

So we’re not going to talk about transposing arrays within NumPy. The transpose operation reverses the order of an array. It switches the rows to the columns and vice versa. However, this is only true in the case of a two-dimensional array. When it comes to a multi-dimensional array, the transpose operation moves the data […]

Numerics of ML 7 – Probabilistic Numerical ODE Solvers – Nathanael Bosch

Welcome everyone to lecture number seven in the Marrix of Machine Learning. So it’s lecture number seven but it’s also lecture number three on the block of simulation. So this is the third one in that row. It started two weeks ago with Jonathan that told us about state space models and he introduced the […]

PyTorch Foundation with Ibrahim Haddad

Hi everyone, good afternoon. I hope you’re having a great conference today. My name is Ibrahim Hadad and I’m the Executive Director of the LFAI and Data Foundation. As recently as September, the Pytorch Foundation as well. I work for the Linux Foundation in support of the Pytorch Foundation and I have here with me […]

When and How to Ask Programming Questions

In this video, I want to address something a little bit different than my usual topics. I want to address the question of when and how should one ask for help on a programming project. Now this turns out to actually be something people don’t really know. And I know this because I run a […]

SingularityNET: SingularityNET's Culture | Introducing Hruy Tsegaye

Hello, my name is Alisa Gay, I am the CEO of Mindplex. So today I will share a couple of sentences that have touched my heart deeply. The first one is the one that says no one will feel bitter because I argued strongly to make a statement or to make my point. Now this […]

How to use DALL-E 2 | Enhance DALL E Prompts/AI Images with Open AI’s GPT-3

Hello all you wonderful YouTube viewers and welcome back to the MAD video productions channel. In today’s video we’re going to be exploring how you can enhance DOLLE 2 prompts significantly with GPT3 which is OpenAI who of course make DOLLE 2. It’s their separate text generation model. It’s a little bit older than DOLLE […]

11-785 Spring 2023 Recitation 0B: Fundamentals of NumPy (Part 2/8)

We’re now going to be talking about accessing and modifying data in Numpi. So we’re first going to talk about indexing, which is essentially accessing values from Numpi arrays. So indexing in Numpi is almost the same as it is in Python lists. So we have an array here with some sample elements from a […]

Numerics of ML 8 – Partial Differential Equations – Marvin Pförtner

Hi guys, hello again. Today’s the last of the simulation lectures we’ll do and we’ll talk about partial differential equations and also Gaussian process inference, again, surprise, surprise. So first of all, a bit of an outlook of what we’re going to talk about today. So first of all, I’ll clarify what a PDE actually […]

Industry Usage

Thanks, Joe. I lead the Applied AI Group at Meta. We collaborate with leading companies across the industry for PyTorch adoption and integrations. I will share some of the key highlights from our work in 2022. From the latest LinkedIn talent report, we are seeing more than 44,000 professionals have tagged PyTorch as a skin […]

#97 SREEJAN KUMAR – Human Inductive Biases in Machines from Language

Research has shown that humans possess strong inductive biases which enable them to quickly learn and generalize. Now in order to instill the same useful inductive biases into machines, a paper was presented by Sri Jankuma at the New Ups Conference and it won the Outstanding Paper of the Year Award. Now the paper is […]

SingularityNET: Deep Funding | Community Governance – December 14, 2022

Yeah, all right. Great to see you all here. The purpose of the meeting is retrospective on community governance calls. I haven’t really studied the responses in detail. I just scanned them, so I will just put it on screen and then we can go through it, question by question together and we can read […]

NEW DALL-E 2 Prompt Strategies for Text to Image AI

Hello everyone, welcome back to the Matt Video Productions channel. I’m super excited for today’s video because I basically combined five video ideas into one video. So this is like a week’s worth of content in one video basically. Today We’re gonna be looking at five separate useful and interesting prompt strategies for text to […]

Two Minute Papers: This New AI Is The Future of Video Editing!

Dear Fellow Scholars, this is two Minute Papers with Dr. Karo Jorna Ifehir. Today we are going to have a look at this magical AI from scientists at the Wisement Institute of Science and Nvidia which promises magical video editing powers. So let’s see four of my favorite things it can do together. One, we […]

11-785 Spring 2023 Recitation 0I: What to do if you're struggling

Hey everyone, welcome to recitation zero. I this is not technical recitation, but it’s pretty important if you’re taking a course like deep learning here in CMU and I’m up Rajat, I’ll be going over this recitation. So before moving on to what you can do if you’re struggling this course, you have to remember […]