#70 – LETITIA PARCALABESCU – Symbolics, Linguistics [UNPLUGGED]

Today we are having a discussion with Letitia Parcalabescu from the AI Coffee Break youtube channel! We discuss linguistics, symbolic AI and our respective Youtube channels. Make sure you subscribe to her channel! In the first 15 minutes Tim dissects the recent article from Gary Marcus “Deep learning has hit a wall”.

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[00:00:00] Comments on Gary Marcus Article / Symbolic AI
[00:14:57] Greetings
[00:17:40] Introduction
[00:18:48] A shared journey towards computation
[00:22:10] A linguistics outsider
[00:24:11] Is computational linguistics AI?
[00:28:23] swinging pendulums of dogma and resource allocation
[00:31:16] the road less travelled
[00:34:35] pitching grants with multimodality … and then the truth
[00:40:50] some aspects of language are statistically learnable
[00:44:58] … and some aspects of language are dimensionally cursed
[00:48:24] it’s good to have both approaches to machine intelligence
[00:51:14] the world runs on symbols
[00:54:28] there is much more to learn biology
[00:59:26] Letitia’s creation process
[01:02:23] don’t overfit content, instead publish and iterate
[01:07:48] merging the big picture arrow from the small direction arrows
[01:11:02] use passion to drive through failure to success
[01:12:56] stay positive
[01:16:02] closing remarks

AI Coffee Break with Letitia

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Deep Learning Is Hitting a Wall

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