Alex Stenlake

Alex Stenlake AI Videos

“These days I’m responsible for the analytics product at Canaria Technologies, a company developing predictive biometrics for extreme environments. While I’ve been spending more time on cloud app development recently, I’m glad my job still primarily revolves around solving data puzzles. I still get to work on statistical analyses and applied modelling projects within the machine learning space, and have a keen passion for causal inference, Bayesian modelling and graphs. (The ‘network’ type of graph, but I guess also the ‘plot’ type!) I organise an industry workshop series aimed at promoting technical excellence, have presented research at top universities and regularly present at the UQ Machine Learning group. I’ve held applied research positions at UQ in a variety of fields, and relish jumping into new problem domains.

If you’re in the data science game, my stack is pretty familiar:
• Anaconda/Jupyter
• Python and R, depending on scale/specificity of problem
Deep learning frameworks
• Distributed analysis toolkit
• Some lesser-known repos for probabilistic programming and causal inference
• Scipy.signal and Pywavelets – for those who remember me saying Fourier domain techniques were useless, consider that heresy recanted

If you’re working on a project and would like advice or a sounding board, feel free to get in touch. I love hearing what people are working on, and helping out where I can.

In my spare time, I’m learning new tricks, brushing up on old skills, looking for interesting problems to solve and cutting-edge research to learn from. I have an appreciation of art, but I’m a hipster in that I’d prefer GOMA to MOMA. When my brain inevitably demands a rest, I go find a mountain to climb. Life moves fast. Aim higher.”