AI for Healthcare with Peter Lee – TWiML Talk #231

In this episode, we’re joined by Peter Lee, Corporate Vice President at Microsoft Research responsible for the company’s healthcare initiatives.

Peter and I met a few months ago at the Microsoft Ignite conference, where he gave me some really interesting takes on AI development in China. You can find more on that topic in the show notes. This conversation centers the three impact areas Peter sees for AI in healthcare, namely diagnostics and therapeutics, tools, and the future of precision medicine. We dig into some examples in each area, and Peter details the realities of applying machine learning and some of the impediments to rapid scale.

We’d like to thank Microsoft for their support and their sponsorship of this series. Microsoft is committed to ensuring the responsible development and use of AI and is empowering people around the world with intelligent technology to help solve previously intractable societal challenges spanning sustainability, accessibility and humanitarian action. Learn more at

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