AI’s Legal and Ethical Implications with Sandra Wachter – 521

Today we’re joined by Sandra Wacther, an associate professor and senior research fellow at the University of Oxford.

Sandra’s work lies at the intersection of law and AI-focused on what she likes to call “algorithmic accountability”. In our conversation, we explore algorithmic accountability in three segments, explainability/transparency, data protection, and bias, fairness, and discrimination. We discuss how the thinking around black boxes changes when discussing applying regulation and law, as well as a breakdown of counterfactual explanations and how they’re created. We also explore why factors like the lack of oversight lead to poor self-regulation and the conditional demographic disparity test that she helped develop to test bias in models, which was recently adopted by Amazon.

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#Algorithms #counterfactual explanations #discrimination #fairness #data protection #alan turing institute #conditional demograpic disparity

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