AI+X: AI Innovation in Healthcare

Welcome to AI + X:AI Innovation in Healthcare hosted by Workera and DeepLearning.AI. Hear panelists discuss why AI+Healthcare projects are imperative to furthering healthcare advancement and where they believe the future of healthcare is headed. Some of the topics are as followed:
-Specific AI for healthcare projects – its genesis, hurdles, eventual learning
-Some of the most important specificities in AI+Healthcare projects compared to other AI+X projects such as AI+Banking or AI+Manufacturing
-Differences between how AI / DS is deployed in large enterprises vs. smaller companies
-Key challenges for ML/DS in your industry
-How do you keep yourself updated
-What’s your take on the growing market need for data capabilities in clinical development
-What tools specific to AI+Healthcare do you use
-How important is healthcare domain knowledge for a data scientist or machine learning engineer in your team? If a new data scientist without healthcare experience joins your team, how long will it take to make them up to speed
-How do you envision where the industry is going in 2021 or in the next 10 years

Event agenda: (*subject to change)
5-min Intro by Kian Katanforoosh (, Founder & CEO, Workera
40-min Panel discussion moderated by Sandhya Simhan, Director of Marketing, DeepLearning.AI
-Gilles Gnacadja ( Algorithm Sciences Director at Amgen
-Jayanthi Suryanarayana( – Sr Technology Principal Engineer at UnitedHealth Group
-Matthew DiDonato( – Senior Director of Product, Edison AI at GE Healthcare
-Shiva Amiri( – Director, Data Technology and Infrastructure at 23andMe
15-min: Q&A

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