AlphaZero’s Attacking Chess

UPDATE: Hey folks! Thank you for your kind words about my AlphaZero videos! I don’t have new AZ videos on this channel but I have created something even bigger: an entire chess course (Attack like a machine!) highly influenced by AlphaZero’s play, with the main chapter dedicated to AlphaZero’s attacking chess! You can check out the preview video and find out more about the course here:

Google’s DeepMind has just released a new academic paper on AlphaZero — the general purpose artificial intelligence system that mastered chess through self-play and went on to defeat the world champion of chess engines, Stockfish. In this video chess International Master Anna Rudolf takes a look at a never-before-seen game from a match played in January 2018, and discusses how the playing style and attacking chess of AlphaZero compare to computers and humans.

The game I selected is part of the 20-game collection me and other chess broadcasters received before the release of the PGN.

For more information on DeepMind and AlphaZero visit:

Read the academic paper in the Science Magazine:

The image in the thumbnail is courtesy of DeepMind.

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