Ask a Machine Learning Engineer Anything (live) | April 2020

Machine Learning Engineer Daniel Bourke answers your questions about life, machine learning, business, getting a job and more.

This live video was originally supposed to be on YouTube except the stream stopped twice due to copyright violations (no idea what these were). So it was recorded on Twitch and reposted instead.

Thank you to everyone who showed up and for all the great questions. As always, if your question wasn’t answered this time, feel free to leave it below.

See you in the next one.

3:49 QA Start
5:13 Do I need a GPU to train and deploy machine learning models?
9:05 What’s your daily routine?
12:35 Is it realistic for me to think I can get a job in data science from your course and making a portfolio in my free time?
18:10 Have you been stuck in tutorial hell and how did you get out?
22:35 How do you have work-life balance?
29:13 How do you know if something is worth pursuing?
34:54 How do you make money as a freelance machine learning engineer?/How do you approach potential clients?
44:39 How much data structures and algorithms do you have to know in deep learning?
50:36 How do you make money with your business? What happened to your idea of merging health and machine learning?
59:47 The missing component of your CS degree (link)
1:02:12 Is copying and pasting code off the internet okay?
1:09:14 Thoughts on working on your own projects: be your own harshest critique and biggest fan at the same time
1:11:57 Cunningham’s Law: to get the right answer on the internet, don’t ask a question, post the wrong answer
1:17:20 Do you spend any money on your own projects?
1:20:11 Do you listen to music whilst working?
1:21:25 What are your views on rush learning (watching videos at 1.5x to 2x speed) and completing more courses?
1:25:51 Outro & thank you

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