Beginner Friendly 20-minute Whole Body Bodyweight Only Workout

Follow along for this whole body bodyweight-only workout you can do at home, in your bedroom, your living room, anywhere.

This workout was recorded during the COVID-19 self-isolation efforts. Just because you’re advised to stay inside and away from others, doesn’t mean you have to stop moving.

Day 20 #repsforrona (self-reliance), 20 exercises, 20-minutes:
1. Pushups
2. Bear crawl
3. Push back ups
4. Strikes
5. Pike pushups
6. Glute bridge
7. Glute bridge tabletop
8. Jumps
9. Kicks
10. Lunges
11. Elbow plank
12. Dead bugs
13. Mountain climbers
14. Elbows to knees
15. Kicksits
16. Deep lunge left
17. Deep lunge right
18. Cobra
19. Moving downward dog
20. Rolling back twists
21. Shake it off & 🙂
– 30-seconds on, 30-seconds off, 20-minutes total

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