Break into AI: I took an online course, what's next?

Welcome to the virtual Learner Community Event hosted by DeepLearning.AI. We have assembled a panel of machine learning practitioners who have gotten into the field from different paths. They will be sharing their first-hand experience and suggestions on how to transition from online courses to landing your first ML job! Topics that you can expect include:
– How they started in AI and what they are working on now
– Besides taking courses, what else they did as part of building the portfolio
– How to know when someone’s ready to work in ML industry
– The hardest part of learning ML
– How to prepare for interviews and make resumes more attractive

The event will start off with a panel discussion and follow with a Q&A session. We’ll be using Slido for Q&A. Please note that only the people who sign up for the Slido ticket will be able to access Slido to post and upvote questions. If you have signed up for the Slido + YouTube ticket, please check your inbox for an email including an access link to Slido.

Event agenda: (*subject to change)
Host: Sandhya Simhan, Director of Marketing, DeepLearning.AI

40 minutes: Panel discussion:
Nitin Pasumarthy, Senior Applied Machine Learning Engineer at Linkedin
Daniel Popescu, Machine Learning Engineer at Arkris
Kennedy Wangari, Data Scientist at SafeBoda; Incoming Data Science Intern at NVIDIA

30 minutes: Q&A

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