Broomstick Fitness – 10-minute full body bodyweight workout with a broomstick

Aside from cleaning the house, the broomstick in your cupboard can also be used for a whole-body bodyweight workout.

Many countries are implementing social distancing rules to stop the spread of COVID19 (Coronavirus), that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep moving.

You might be constrained to your home or you might be short on equipment. It’s time to get creative and embrace constraints. Do this workout and you’ll never look at a broomstick the same again.

Day 8 #repsforrona workout (embracing constraints):
– Stick game (alternate hands)
– Broomstick burpee jumps
– Foot taps
– Balancing act
– Broomstick plank (kudos if you can do this one, I can’t… yet)
– 30 seconds on for each exercise, 30 seconds off, 2 rounds

Stay alert, stay safe, keep moving.

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