Building a business from a bedroom | Ask me anything! (live)

I’ve been building a business for the past year or so from my bedroom, teaching machine learning, making videos, writing. Come and ask me anything.

0:00 – Intro & hello’s
6:00 – QA start
6:20 – The next 6-months of data science
11:39 – ML & AI for robotics
16:28 – Software engineering + machine learning
23:00 – Medium size business vs. 2-3 small businesses
26:10 – What do companies look for in junior ML engineers?
33:30 – How do you choose a great side project?
41:46 – Viewpoint on fitness guru Daniel Bourke
43:45 – Number one rule for coding Python
46:21 – Do I use paid ads for my Udemy course?
46:35 – My advice on marketing
52:20 – What parts of computer science should I learn?
54:50 – Teach yourself computer science
57:12 – What is your daily schedule like?
1:01:58 – How is your business structured?
1:04:22 – How much do you pay yourself?
1:06:59 – How do I find people to work in my start up business?
1:11:50 – How come you don’t claim your YouTube ad revenue?
1:15:39 – Thoughts on AI & Blockchain
1:18:26 – I’ve finished some courses, what should I do now?
1:20:53 – Who would win in a fight? Data Scientist vs. Machine Learning Engineer
1:24:13 – How can a newbie break into ML?
1:25:00 – Skills to start freelancing

If I didn’t answer your question, send future questions to: daniel at mrdbourke dot com (if I don’t reply quick enough, remind me).

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