Capsule Networks and Education

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In today’s episode, Dr. Keith Duggar and Dr. Tim Scarfe chat with Alex Stenlake about the education chapter in Kenneth Stanley’s “Greatness cannot be planned” book, and we relate it to our Algoshambes conversation a few weeks ago. We debate whether objectives in education are a good thing and whether they cause perverse incentives and stifle creativity and innovation. Next up we dissect capsule networks! We finish off talking about fast algorithms and quantum computing.

00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:13 Greatness cannot be planned / education
00:12:03 Perverse incentives
00:19:25 Treasure hunting
00:30:28 Capsule Networks
00:46:08 Capsules As Compositional Networks
00:52:45 Capsule Routing
00:57:10 Loss and Warps
01:09:55 Fast Algorithms and Quantum Computing

“Understanding Dynamic Routing between Capsules (Capsule Networks)” by Jonathan Hui

Tim also showed Yannic’s video on capsules during the show here;

Why greatness can’t be planned – Kenneth Stanley;
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