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9 Powerful Free AI apps! Image Generation, Music Generation and More!

Hello viewers from around the internet and across the globe. Welcome back to another video So as you guys can see today we’re actually gonna be recording on my iPhone And that’s because you guys actually voted for this video earlier today I uploaded a little poll vote for a video and I gave you […]

ColdFusion: Why Deep Learning Now? – AI Revolution Documentary

You are watching Colt is coming in. Hi, welcome to another cold fusion video. In recent years you’ve probably been hearing a lot of hype about deep learning. But what is it really all about? And here’s another curious question. Why has deep learning only now just come into the spotlight seemingly from nowhere? In […]
Computerphile: Dealy Truth of General AI?

Computerphile: Deadly Truth of General AI?

In a very basic sense, if you’ve got a general intelligence, which therefore has preferences over world states and takes actions in the world to change the world, we have to make sure that its preferences are aligned with ours, that it wants what we want, because otherwise it’s going to try and do things […]