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Yann LeCun – Power & Limits of Deep Learning

Yann LeCun is Director of AI Research at Facebook, and Silver Professor of Dara Science, Computer Science, Neural Science, and Electrical Engineering at New York University, affiliated with the NYU Center for Data Science, the Courant Institute of Mathematical Science, the Center for Neural Science, and the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. Recorded Nov 1st, […]

Bishop Pair from Hell | Artificial Beauty of AlphaZero

Follow me on Instagram for extra content (Weekly Quiz starting soon) Alpha Zero wins protein folding competition Check out the Deepmind’s Academic Paper here Deepmind Homepage Google Deepmind AI AlphaZero vs Stockfish 8 English Opening: Nimzo (A17) 1. Nf3 Nf6 2. c4 e6 3. Nc3 Bb4 4. Qc2 O-O 5. a3 […]

Quantum Computing: Untangling the Hype

Quantum technology has the potential to revolutionise whole fields of computing; from cryptography to molecular modelling. But how do quantum computers work? Subscribe for regular science videos: Join leading experts to untangle the quantum computing hype, at this event supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Artur Ekert works on information […]

How AlphaGo Zero works – Google DeepMind

In this episode I dive into the technical details of the AlphaGo Zero paper by Google DeepMind. This AI system uses Reinforcement Learning to beat the world’s Go champion using only self-play, a remarkable display of clever engineering on the path to stronger AI systems. DeepMind Blogpost: AlphaGo Zero paper: If you want […]

PyTorch at Tesla – Andrej Karpathy, Tesla

Hear from Andrej Karpathy on how Tesla is using PyTorch to develop full self-driving capabilities for its vehicles, including AutoPilot and Smart Summon. YouTube Source for this AI Video

Checking out a 6-Billion parameter GPT model, GPT-J, from Eleuther AI

An actually-open-AI model is available for you to download the weights to and tinker with, GPT-J. It’s a 6 billion parameter large language model that can do long-form natural language generation, do programming, be a chatbot, do translations, and much more. GPT-J Text examples: GPT-J Github: The Pile paper: GPT-J Web demo: […]

#033 Karl Friston – The Free Energy Principle

This week Dr. Tim Scarfe, Dr. Keith Duggar and Connor Leahy chat with Prof. Karl Friston. Professor Friston is a British neuroscientist at University College London and an authority on brain imaging. In 2016 he was ranked the most influential neuroscientist on Semantic Scholar. His main contribution to theoretical neurobiology is the variational Free energy […]

Robert Lange on NN Pruning and Collective Intelligence

We speak with Robert Lange! Robert is a PhD student at the Technical University Berlin. His research combines Deep Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning and Cognitive Science to study the learning dynamics of large collectives. He has a brilliant blog where he distils and explains cutting edge ML research. We spoke about his story, economics, multi-agent RL, […]

Is Google Translate Sexist? Gender Stereotypes in Statistical Machine Translation

#genderbias #algorithmicfairness #debiasing A brief look into gender stereotypes in Google Translate. The origin is a Tweet containing a Hungarian text. Hungarian is a gender-neutral language, so translating gender pronouns is ambiguous. Turns out that Google Translate assigns very stereotypical pronouns. In this video, we’ll have a look at the origins and possible solutions to […]

Design Your Own Drones

Paper: YouTube Source for this AI Video

MIT DARPA Urban Challenge July Test Run

A test run at Weymouth Naval Air Station of MIT’s entry in the 2007 DARPA Grand Challenge. Team MIT is a collaborative effort between MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL), Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and Department of Mechanical Engineering, along with students and faculty from Olin College and members of the Draper […]

Creating, Weaponizing, and Detecting Deep Fakes, by Hany Farid

The past few years have seen a startling and troubling rise in the fake-news phenomena in which everyone from individuals to nation-sponsored entities can produce and distribute mis-information. The implications of fake news range from a mis-informed public to an existential threat to democracy, and horrific violence. At the same time, recent and rapid advances […]

CogX19 Day 1: HIGHLIGHTS | CogX 2019

Join the CogX Global Leadership Summit and Festival of AI and Breakthroughs Technology – June 8th to 10th 2020 – Subscribe to our epic newsletters for free Here’s our highlights of day 1 at #CogX19. What an amazing start: from London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan’s support of #AI for the UK, to 10 stages […]

Ethics & Society: How do we get biometric-based technologies right in the future?

Ethics & Society: How do we get biometric-based technologies right in the future? Biometrics technologies like facial and gait recognition systems are a source of ongoing controversy. Are there ways to design and build these systems to serve the needs of people they affect and limit potential harms? Is the law surrounding biometrics moving in […]

EdTech & Education Stage: Blockchain in education: The game changer students are looking for

EdTech & Education Stage: Blockchain in education: The game changer students are looking for Could blockchain be the game-changing tech in education that we’ve been waiting for? We hear from a distinguished panel on how we can apply this fascinating new tech to decentralise learning and change students’ lives around the globe. Featuring; Alan Greenberg, […]

CreaTech: Designing Impact

CreaTech: Designing Impact Efforts across sectors and geographies to inspire behavioural change through design has the power to evoke emotional responses as well as help solve some of our biggest global challenges. Great design can accelerate social justice efforts, advance public health initiatives, and reduce carbon footprints or waste. If global individuals and institutions can […]

A conversation with Harmeen Mehta, Chief Digital and Innovation Officer, BT

Global Leadership: How do you turn a Telco into a Digico? A conversation with Harmeen Mehta, Chief Digital and Innovation Officer, BT Telcos deliver the lifeblood of our economies, our society, our digital businesses; connectivity. Their impact is huge, their potential is enormous. But many have struggled to adapt to the fast-changing digital world they […]

EdTech & Education: Follow the money: Why EdTech is booming

EdTech & Education: Follow the money: Why EdTech is booming With an unbelievable 72% growth in the last 12 months, Covid has made EdTech one of the hottest industries to invest in. But what are VCs and investors planning for its long term future? A panel of experts outline the investment trends to keep an […]