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Your own Personal Humanoid Robot – Tesla AI Day 2022 Competitors

Tesla AI Day is upon us with people’s expectations practically through the roof. Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, is about to show us a prototype of the supposedly most advanced humanoid robot that is capable of doing any type of tedious job you give it and is even supposed to be able to help you inside […]

TOP 5 Artificial Intelligences of 2022 – Flamingo: Human Level AI?

During the past two years, and especially during this one, the race to creating the biggest and best artificial intelligences has been heating up considerably with almost all of the big tech companies one-upping each other on almost a monthly basis. In this video, I will show you the best and smartest artificial intelligences created […]

Unbelievable AI Designs Anti-Aging Treatments

The proteins that govern our lives move like tumbleweeds. Each has a twisted, one of a kind form with prickly side branches littering its surface. If we can locate the correct key, we can defeat our most heinous foes, cancer, diabetes, infections, and even aging, which are hidden in the nooks and crannies. We recently […]