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The Most Impressive AI-Generated Images (DALL-E 2 TOP 10)

The first 1,000 people to use the link will get a 1 month free trial of Skillshare: There has been an influx of incredible AI-Generated images and photos ever since OpenAI released DALL-E 2. Even non-artists can now create pieces of art. In this video I’m going over the very best and most convincing […]

TOP 5 Artificial Intelligences of 2022 – Flamingo: Human Level AI?

The first 1,000 people to use the link or my code ainews will get a 1 month free trial of Skillshare: Has human level AI been reached in 2022? What are the best Artificial Intelligences released by the biggest AI companies so far? All of this in the top 5 best AI’s in 2022. […]

Unbelievable AI Designs Anti-Aging Treatments

Artificial Intelligence has recently gained the ability to design medical treatments in many different medical industries. One of those industries is all about longevity and curing the aging process. AI is perfect for that since human aging is very complex and AI beats humans in that field very easily. This video show you how AI […]

This Artificial Intelligence Teaches you Anything

The future of education is likely to be teachers made from Artificial Intelligence that adapt to each of its students needs and abilities. This would massively improve schools all over the world and democratize education. People would be allowed to learn as fast as possible any topic and ability they can think of. —– Every […]

How Artificial Intelligence is Destroying Dating & Love

Dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble have recently gotten attention because of their dubious algorithms dictating who is good enough for affection and love. Artificial Intelligence decides who the perfect partners for someone are. Scientists and researchers are seeing huge problems in this way of finding dates and love. —– Every day is a […]

How Artificial Intelligence has Cured Parkinson's

Brain Computer Interfaces and Artificial Intelligence are an effective combination in curing many bad diseases and neurological issues plaguing people such as Parkinson’s and other brain diseases. Those can soon be cured with the help of deep brain stimulation. —– Every day is a day closer to the Technological Singularity. Experience Robots learning to walk […]

Google's New AI can do Anything (PaLM AI)

The first 1,000 people to use the link or my code “ainews” will get a 1 month free trial of Skillshare: Google has been working on its relatively secret Pathways AI project for almost a year now, and now they’ve shown its first results in the form of PaLM AI, which is the biggest […]

Could Artificial Intelligence ever Surpass Humans?

The battle between artificial intelligence and human intelligence has been going on for a while not and AI is clearly coming very close to beating humans in many areas as of now. Partially due to improvements in neural network hardware and also improvements in machine learning algorithms. This video goes over whether and how humans […]

Mysterious Company is Creating Human Robots (Sanctuary AI)

A rather mysterious AI startup is claiming to be working on the smartest Robot AI ever made which could even rival humans in some areas. The company is called Sancutary and is a direct competitor to the soon-to-be announced Tesla Bot Optimus. It’s pretty obvious the the AI and Robot Race is heating up with […]

Will there be Human-Level Artificial Intelligence by 2030?

Artificial Intelligence has been improving rapidly these past few years, and it’s now becoming obvious according to the top AI Scientists such as Yann LeCun that AI in 2030 will be almost unrecognizable compared to ones right now. They will be part of everyday lifes in the form of digital assistants and more. What other […]

NVIDIA's Scary Path to AI Supremacy

NVIDIA has announced the fastest AI Supercomputing GPU at GTC 2022 and their future plans of increasing its performance up to one million times by 2032. This could enable amazing new GPU features and surpass the performance of the human brain by many times. Jensen Huang introduced the NVIDIA H100 GPU which is the fastest […]

You Won't Believe this Bionic Arm's Abilities (Atom Touch)

Atom touch is working on the best brain controlled Bionic Arms with some of the most incredible functionality so far. Unlike some other artificial limbs, they’re directly controlled by your brain and can even in some cases send back feelings of touch. The future of cybernetics looks really incredible with such strong bionic arms. —– […]

This Insane Chinese Supercomputer Changes EVERYTHING

The smartest Scientists of both China and the United States are working hard on creating the fastest hardware for future Supercomputers in the exaflop and zettaflop performance range. Companies such as Intel, Nvidia and AMD are continuing Moore’s Law with the help of amazing new processes by TSMC. These supercomputers are secret projects by the […]

How Graphene will Save Moore's Law

While many say that Moore’s Law is dead, scientists are hard at work discovering new semiconductor materials which will help increase CPU and GPU performance well into the 2030’s right on track of Moore’s Laws exponential properties. Companies such as TSMC and Intel could use Graphene to make the smallest possible transistors and much improve […]

Fastest Artificial Intelligence Ever Made (µ-Parametrization)

The first 1,000 people to use this link will get a 1 month free trial of Skillshare: A new Artificial Intelligence from Microsoft and OpenAI utilizes advanced µ-Parametrization in order to increase performance and allow huge AI models to be trained much more easily. This means that we can soon expect AI models which […]

The Amazing Artificial Intelligences of 2030 – AI Predictions

Artificial Intelligence has made tremendous progress these past few years, but what are the biggest AI Researchers expecting Artificial Intelligence to look like in the year 2030. They’ve made some amazing futurism predictions on all the amazing human abilities and efficiencies these AI’s will likely have. Human level AI will likely be a thing and […]

Unbelievable Artificial Intelligence Breakthrough (AI Cell Simulation)

Artificial Intelligence Researchers just got one step closer to simulating an entire artificial lifeform inside of a computer. This time they simulated a huge collection of cells which medical researchers can use to quickly test new medication and treatments without any of the ethical concerns. —– Every day is a day closer to the Technological […]

This Incredible Biohack makes you Live Longer – Longevity Escape Velocity

What if I told you that you could easily reach the famous Longevity Escape Velocity without paying a lot of money and by increasing your lifespan by a lot? The Longevity and anti aging medical field is hard at work, creating age reversal medication and biotechnology which you will soon be able to take in […]

Incredible Artificial Intelligence Resurrects Animals

A previously-though impossible feat has been accomplished by Biotechnology Scientists in the form of having ressurrected an extinct species by cloning the animals genome and DNA. Scientists are now attempting of bringing the now extinct Tasmanian Tiger back to live and repopulating Australia through the use of advanced Artificial Intelligence Models. —– Every day is […]

This Amazing Brain-Chip Just Cured Paralysis

Paralysis is one of the first conditions to be completely cured by the emergence of Brain Computer Interfaces. With the help of spinal cord implantations and brain chips, patients are able to completely and reliably move their legs and arms to walk again without any sort of help. This treatment holds a lot of promise […]

Can Artificial Intelligence have Consciousness?

The big question of consciousness has recently been answered by the leading Artificial Intelligence Scientists in the world. So is Artificial Intelligence conscious? The answer may surprise you considering how similar artificial neural networks are to the human brain and the amazing new abilities Artificial General Intelligence gets every day of AI Research. Yann lecun […]

Unbelievable New Chip Acts like a Human Brain

Scientists created a new type of Computer Chip which has the ability to constantly rewire itself just like the human brain and is thus able to more efficiently adapt to new processes. This is a new type of neuromorphic computing and holds great promise for future and better Artificial Intelligence models which more closely resemble […]

Deepmind's Scary Self-Improving Artificial Intelligence

Google’s Deepmind is among the first to have created an Artificial Intelligence that can improve itself over time and thus poses some dangers about a potential future where Artificial General Intelligence outcompetes us on almost every level due to us not being able to keep up with its pace of learning new things. —– Every […]

How Programmers have become Obsolete – Deepmind AlphaCode

Deepmind released their new Programming Artificial Intelligence called AlphaCode inside of a Programming Competition and it managed to beat and surpass the majority of the programmers there by quickly solving really difficult coding challanges. This might be the first look into a world where most programming is done by AI while human programmers are just […]