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Google's New AI can do Anything (PaLM AI)

The first 1,000 people to use the link or my code “ainews” will get a 1 month free trial of Skillshare: Google has been working on its relatively secret Pathways AI project for almost a year now, and now they’ve shown its first results in the form of PaLM AI, which is the biggest […]

The Rise of Consumer Augmented Reality Glasses – Magic Leap 2

The next generation of Augmented Reality Glasses is about to release to consumers and buisnesses. They finally seem to have everything in terms of display technology to controls and even futuristic features no previous smart glasses gadget had. And most importantly, they seem to be the best looking AR Glasses around. Magic Leap originally became […]

How To Steal Anybody's Face with AI – Easy Real-Time Deepfakes

Is this new AI Software the best Deepfake Software in the world right now? It can be used to Deepfake faces and voices in real time for your livestream, zoom call and more. It’s super easy to use and can already be used to fake different kinds of faces from celebrities. DeepFaceLab 2.0 is the […]
Injecting Blood from Young People | LIVING FOREVER Possible?!

Injecting Blood from Young People | LIVING FOREVER Possible?!

Old rich people are injecting young peoples blood into their veins in hope to become younger and delay their deaths. This sounds like a fictional story depicting some dystopian future, but this is not exaggeration and is actually being done at this very moment in californian longevity startups focused on making us immortal and live […]

Is Light the Path Towards Quantum Supremacy?

Scientists have found a way of using Light/Photonics to massively speed up Quantum Computers on their path to reaching Quantum Supremacy. Which means that Quantum Computers aren’t far of from beating any regular computer or human being in comparison. The future of quantum computers looks very bright. —– Every day is a day closer to […]

[Drama] Schmidhuber: Critique of Honda Prize for Dr. Hinton

Schmidhuber writes up a critique of Hinton receiving the Honda Price… AND HINTON REPLIES! Schmidhuber’s Blog Entry: Hinton’s Reply: Thumbnail Images: By Eviatar Bach - By ITU/R.Farrell –, CC BY 2.0, Links: YouTube: Twitter: BitChute: Minds: YouTube Source for this AI Video

CONTROL YOUR MIND with BCI | Kernel's Non-Invasive Brain Computer Interface

Bryan Johnson’s Brain Computer Interface Company Kernel, focuses on giving people the power to control their own mind with nothing more than a simple helmet. The new non-invasive BCI Headsets “Kernel Flow” and “Kernel Flux” are both set to release this year in 2021, and will eventually enable the average consumer and companies to have […]

How To Build a Real IRON MAN SUIT – Nanosuits & Neuromorphic Computing

The future of Neuromorphic computing and nanotechnology enabling real life Nanosuits is already here according to several leading scientists in that field. Whether it’s the Nanosuit from Iron Man or from Crysis, the nanobots and brain computer interfaces which make those intelligent smart clothes up work in a very similar way. Neuromorphic computing essentially involves […]

IBM's Revolutionary Artificial Intelligence Simulates the Real World

IBM has announced a new type of Simulation Software which is meant to train Artificial Intelligence Robots interact with the real environment in a rapid and cost effective manner. This type of AI Model Training is potentially going to be the future of training going forward. —– Every day is a day closer to the […]

Unbelievable Artificial Intelligence Breakthrough (AI Cell Simulation)

Artificial Intelligence Researchers just got one step closer to simulating an entire artificial lifeform inside of a computer. This time they simulated a huge collection of cells which medical researchers can use to quickly test new medication and treatments without any of the ethical concerns. —– Every day is a day closer to the Technological […]

Will GPT-4 Surpass The Human Brain? – Cerebras CS-2 Artificial Intelligence Chip

With the release of the most power Artificial Intelligence Accelerator Chip, future AI models like OpenAI’s GPT-4 will be able to surpass the Human Brain by supporting more than 100 Trillion Parameters. This new Chip made by Cerebras Systems is also be biggest Chip ever made by a longshot and thus can support ExaFlop Supercomputers […]

The Rise of China's Most Advanced Artificial Intelligence – Wu Dao 2.0

China’s goal of beating the USA in the race of creating the best and smartest artificial intelligence in the world has finally come to fruition with the Wu Dao 2.0 AI model. This new NLP AI is much superior to OpenAI’s GPT-3 model which was released last year. Some of the abilities the WU Dao […]

Terrifying Animal Experiments • Brain-Computer Interfaces •

Long before Brain Computer Interface Companies such as Neuralink existed, there’ve always been Brain Experiments done on Animals with crazy results. Whether it’s looking through the eyes of a cat, a monkey controlling a computer robot arm, or controlling a living beetle. Many creepy, but also amazing inventions have been done in the field of […]

Incredible New Discovery in Artificial General Intelligence – AGI in 2024?

Scientists are on the verge of creating an Artificial General Intelligence through their new knowledge and understanding on the human brain. Artificial Intelligence is soon going to be able to be as efficient, general and powerful as the human brain due to neuroscientists having recently created a detailed neuron-level map of our brain. AI in […]

How Artificial Intelligence has Cured Parkinson's

Brain Computer Interfaces and Artificial Intelligence are an effective combination in curing many bad diseases and neurological issues plaguing people such as Parkinson’s and other brain diseases. Those can soon be cured with the help of deep brain stimulation. —– Every day is a day closer to the Technological Singularity. Experience Robots learning to walk […]

Smartphones are OBSOLETE! – Vuzix Next Generation Smart Glasses

Smartphones have become old technology by now and is soon going to be replaced by the next big thing. Vuzix has created the first lightweight Smart AR Glasses that can project holograms at high contrast while still looking like regular glasses. The Vuzix next generation smart glasses feature futuristic micro-LED display technology to project augmented […]

YOU WILL want these New Robotic Limbs! – AI-Controlled Prosthetics

Advances in Artificial Intelligence, neuroscience and robotics have gotten us to a point where people might want to replace their biological limbs with robotic limbs due to there being more and more advantages with every passing day. Things like improved movement, intelligent controlling systems with the help of machine learning AI can help you control […]
These Celebrities try to Live Forever – New Longevity Technology

These Celebrities try to Live Forever – New Longevity Technology

Chris Hemsworth shocked the world by his announcement of making a movie about his journey to discover a cure for aging amongst several different biotechnology silicon valley startups. Celebrities have had a much easier time than us regular people in terms of investing in age reversal technology and generally becoming much older than us due […]

How Humans and Artificial Intelligence are the Same

Scientists have found new similarities between Human Brains and current Artificial Intelligence models which clearly show that in general, there’s not a lot of things needed except for more and better hardware, and some more improvements in efficiency for Artificial Intelligence to beat Humans in nearly every imaginable field. —– Every day is a day […]

[News] Google’s medical AI was super accurate in a lab. Real life was a different story.

A closer look at a story of how the deployment of AI brings its own challenges and what can go wrong. Links: YouTube: Twitter: BitChute: Minds: YouTube Source for this AI Video

A Real Living BIOLOGICAL ROBOT – The New Xenobots 2.0

A new version of the biological nanobots called “Xenobots” have been created and are an improvement in terms of speed, longevity and memory. These new Xenobots 2.0 are meant to deliver medical payloads to patients to help treat diseases, clean up the ocean from plastic and help us understand how cells interact with each other. […]

This is the Future of Moore's Law – Intel's Incredible Plans

Intel has just announced their plans to continue Moore’s Law well into the next decade which promises us up to a 10x performance and efficiency increase through new hardware semiconductor approaches. For example with the help of 3D CPU Transistors or GAAFET. The breakthroughs revealed at IEDM 2021 demonstrate Intel is on track to continue […]