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How Real Holograms are Created by Artificial Intelligence (Lightfield)

Commercial Holograms may soon get into the hand of regular consumers with the help of the biggest Hologram company called Lightfield. Holography is a technique that enables a wavefront to be recorded and later re-constructed. Holography is best known as a method of generating three-dimensional images, but it also has a wide range of other […]

Google's Incredible New Quantum Computer Company – SandBox

Sandbox is the newest Quantum Computer company straight from Google which is focusing on the newly discovered Time Crystals which are posed to revolutionize computers in terms of efficiency and performance. Sandbox is separate from Google’s quantum computing team in Santa Barbara, and focuses on software and experimental quantum projects. The unit is currently led […]

New Biotechnology that will Cure Aging by 2030

A combination of soon-to-be released Biotechnology is expected to extend of lifespans almost tenfold with the help through emerging technologies such as CRISPR or Senolytics. These Anti Aging treatments are meant to stop and even reverse the aging process so that anyone could get young and healthy again. Many companies such as SENS or Jeff […]

Artificial Intelligence will Take Over These Jobs in 2022

Robots taking advantage of the newest advances in Artificial Intelligence systems are expected to make a huge dent in the job market of 2022 as workers are wanting higher wages and better working conditions. These robots and AI’s outcompete and outright beat humans in many fields such as translation, self driving, news article reporting and […]

This New AI Generates Professional Artworks (OpenAI GLIDE)

The first 1,000 people to use this link will get a 1 month free trial of Skillshare: OpenAI’s incredible new Artificial Intelligence blew everyone away with their new Image Generation Model that can turn any kind of text into realistic, cartoonish or photorealistic images regardless of how complex and complicated the text is. This […]

Incredible New Discovery in Artificial General Intelligence – AGI in 2024?

Scientists are on the verge of creating an Artificial General Intelligence through their new knowledge and understanding on the human brain. Artificial Intelligence is soon going to be able to be as efficient, general and powerful as the human brain due to neuroscientists having recently created a detailed neuron-level map of our brain. AI in […]

This is how Artificial Intelligence will Control Humans

NVIDIA’s Megatron Turing AI Model can now have conversations with itself to perpetually improve itself in the hopes of understanding how to best control and influence other people in debates. This sparked a lot of discussions in the AI Community because ever-improving Artificial Intelligences pose real dangers to humanity. —– Every day is a day […]

This Brain Implant Cured Paralysis Blackrock MoveAgain BCI

The biggest Neuralink Competitor “Blackrock Neurotech” has just announced that they got FDA approval for their MoveAgain BCI which would allow people with paralysis or similar disabilities to move again. This is way ahead of what Neuralink’s Elon Musk has recently claimed. The industry of Brain Computer Interfaces is about to get really exciting very […]

Why the Metaverse is Impossible according to INTEL

According to Intel the Meta’s vision of the Metaverse is impossible with the current Hardware limitations. But Intel said that they plan on increasing the performance of their CPU’s and GPU’s by close to 1000 times in the hopes of reaching petaflop performance on regular consumer hardware to allow for photorealistic simulations inside the Metaverse. […]

The Weird & Lying Minds of Artificial Intelligence (WebGPT)

Humans not understanding how an Artificial Intelligence works or thinks is becoming more dangerous as AI becomes smarter and more powerful. Models such as GPT-3 are known for completely making up statements and directly lying to the person asking it a question. This can lead to many AI Dangers. OpenAI’s new model called WebGPT is […]

Artificial Intelligence vs. Human Intelligence (Cortical Labs)

Cortical Labs has demonstrated that just a few Human Neurons connected inside of a dish manage to learn how to play the game Pong much more efficiently than an traditional Artificial Intelligence. This new research is going to help scientists and AI researchers model future AI models more closely to the way our brain works […]

The Photonic Future of CPU's and GPU's – Lightelligence PACE

The new Photonics Hardware company Lightelligence has just announced their Photonics AI Accelerator card PACE that’s eventually supposed to be put into consumers personal computers in conjunction with their regular CPU’s and GPU’s. The crazy speed and efficiency of those Photonic chips are supposed to make Artificial Intelligence model training much faster and keep the […]

The Impossible Brainchip that makes AGI Possible!

Artificial General Intelligence is often viewed as the Holy Grail for AI Researchers, and now, with the help of advanced and complicated neuroscience, scientists are seeing a path towards developing an AGI rather soon through a mix of AI Accelerator Hardware and specialized AI Software. Artificial-intelligence hardware:New opportunities for semiconductor companies. Artificial intelligence is opening […]

Is Japan's Anti Aging Vaccine the Future of Longevity?

Japan is investing a lot into Longevity Research in hopes of keeping us young forever. And recently, they managed to bring about a new kind of vaccine which manages to stop the aging process very reliably through gene editing and biotechnology. This research team intends to move to human trials very soon. The discovery could […]

Deepmind's New AI Surpasses Human Intellect – Gopher AI

Deepmind has just publically released their GPT-3 competitor called Gopher AI which is able to outcompete GPT by almost 10 times at a much better efficiency level. DeepMind said that larger models are more likely to generate toxic responses when provided with toxic prompts. They can also more accurately classify toxicity. The model scale does […]

This is the Future of Moore's Law – Intel's Incredible Plans

Intel has just announced their plans to continue Moore’s Law well into the next decade which promises us up to a 10x performance and efficiency increase through new hardware semiconductor approaches. For example with the help of 3D CPU Transistors or GAAFET. The breakthroughs revealed at IEDM 2021 demonstrate Intel is on track to continue […]

IBM's Revolutionary Artificial Intelligence Simulates the Real World

IBM has announced a new type of Simulation Software which is meant to train Artificial Intelligence Robots interact with the real environment in a rapid and cost effective manner. This type of AI Model Training is potentially going to be the future of training going forward. —– Every day is a day closer to the […]

How Elon Musk's Neuralink is using AI to understand the Brain

Neuralink is one of Elon Musk’s most exciting and revolutionary companies and has just posted an update on how they use Artificial Intelligence to read and write information to the human brain and help people move again after having paralysis. Human Trials are expected to be approved in 2022 with other updates of the Neuralink […]

Impossible Math Equation Solved by New Artificial Intelligence

Deepmind has trained a new Artificial Intelligence model which managed to solve seemingly impossible Math Problems which will help mathematicians in the years to come. This is a glimpse into the future in which AI beats humans in most areas without any contest. Maths is also a fundamental building block in how to create an […]

Deepmind's Crazy Plan To Surpass OpenAI's Best AI

Google’s Deepmind is working on a rather crazy and unique plan to surpass OpenAI’s biggest and best Artificial Intelligence Model within the next few months. In a new paper, AI researchers at DeepMind present a new technique to improve the capacity of reinforcement learning agents to cooperate with humans at different skill levels. Accepted at […]

Smallest Gadget Ever Made – Devices made by AI

Scientists with the help of next gen Artificial Intelligence managed to create the smallest and most efficient camera in the world. A specialist medical camera that measures just under a nanometer has just entered the Guinness Book of Records. The size of the grain of sand, it is the camera’s tiny sensor that is actually […]

This Scientist has Beaten Elon Musk's Neuralink

Elon Musk’s Brain Computer Interface company Neuralink has a new competitor which has already done experiments and seen results in merging Humans with Artificial Intelligence through advanced brain implants. The study has been performed much earlier than what the Neuralink Update promised back in 2021. Neuralink’s Human Trials haven’t started yet and their competition is […]

2021's Biggest Advancements in Artificial Intelligence

2021 has been an incredible year in terms of advancements in the field of Artificial Intelligence Technologies. AI has managed to gain new abilities and managed to achieve the futuristic feat of taking over several jobs which previously only humans could perform. Whether it’s self-supervised learning, custom AI accelerators or neuromorphic chips, the future of […]

This Artificial Intelligence Simulates Physics in Real Time

A new Artificial Intelligence model manages to do complex physics simulations in real time with only using a fraction of the power that a traditionally computed simulation would use. These simulations could soon be used for things like biotechnology, gaming, weather predictions and more. Two Minute Papers has done several videos on it before, but […]