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Deepmind's Crazy Plan To Surpass OpenAI's Best AI

Google’s Deepmind is working on a rather crazy and unique plan to surpass OpenAI’s biggest and best Artificial Intelligence Model within the next few months. In a new paper, AI researchers at DeepMind present a new technique to improve the capacity of reinforcement learning agents to cooperate with humans at different skill levels. Accepted at […]

Smallest Gadget Ever Made – Devices made by AI

Scientists with the help of next gen Artificial Intelligence managed to create the smallest and most efficient camera in the world. A specialist medical camera that measures just under a nanometer has just entered the Guinness Book of Records. The size of the grain of sand, it is the camera’s tiny sensor that is actually […]

This Scientist has Beaten Elon Musk's Neuralink

Elon Musk’s Brain Computer Interface company Neuralink has a new competitor which has already done experiments and seen results in merging Humans with Artificial Intelligence through advanced brain implants. The study has been performed much earlier than what the Neuralink Update promised back in 2021. Neuralink’s Human Trials haven’t started yet and their competition is […]

2021's Biggest Advancements in Artificial Intelligence

2021 has been an incredible year in terms of advancements in the field of Artificial Intelligence Technologies. AI has managed to gain new abilities and managed to achieve the futuristic feat of taking over several jobs which previously only humans could perform. Whether it’s self-supervised learning, custom AI accelerators or neuromorphic chips, the future of […]

This Artificial Intelligence Simulates Physics in Real Time

A new Artificial Intelligence model manages to do complex physics simulations in real time with only using a fraction of the power that a traditionally computed simulation would use. These simulations could soon be used for things like biotechnology, gaming, weather predictions and more. Two Minute Papers has done several videos on it before, but […]

Revolutionary New AI can be Run on Any Device

A new and revolutionary approach to building Artificial Intelligence models has shown promise of enabling almost any device, regardless of how powerful it is, to run enormous and intelligent Artificial Intelligence’s in a similar way to how our Human Brain operate. This is partially done with new and improved Neuromorphic Computing Hardware which is modelled […]

This Robot will Cook Your Food By 2022

Miso Robotics’ Flippy 2 Robot promises to be the first household robot that any person or small buisness could buy to help prepare and make food inside of a kitchen without any big changes having to be made. This looks like it could be the first glimpse into a future in which robots help us […]
These Celebrities try to Live Forever – New Longevity Technology

These Celebrities try to Live Forever – New Longevity Technology

Chris Hemsworth shocked the world by his announcement of making a movie about his journey to discover a cure for aging amongst several different biotechnology silicon valley startups. Celebrities have had a much easier time than us regular people in terms of investing in age reversal technology and generally becoming much older than us due […]
Injecting Blood from Young People | LIVING FOREVER Possible?!

Injecting Blood from Young People | LIVING FOREVER Possible?!

Old rich people are injecting young peoples blood into their veins in hope to become younger and delay their deaths. This sounds like a fictional story depicting some dystopian future, but this is not exaggeration and is actually being done at this very moment in californian longevity startups focused on making us immortal and live […]

Real Lab Grown Meat is Here! – Buying Synthetic Meat TODAY

Lab Grown Meat is finally here, and you’re able to buy it yourself to finally give it a try. The US Startup “Eat Just” released their cultured chicken nuggets to select store shelves in 2021 for everyone to try out. Real Lab Grown Meat is finally here. Although currently, in a rather expensive fashion. Many […]

This Insane Quantum Computer is IBM's Last Chance

IBM’s new Quantum Computer breaks the current world record in terms of Qubits and ushers in a new era of quantum supremacy. It’s also IBM’s last chance of potentially undoing its rise and fall among the biggest tech companies in the world that has been occuring these last few years. The Eagle Quantum computer has […]

Why the Metaverse is a Dystopian Nightmare & Niantic's Solution

Facebook’s vision of the Metaverse has been criticized by both consumers & other companies for its obvious dystopian outlook. But one of the most prominent Augmented Reality Companies in the world, Niantic has shown a much better looking futuristic vision of the metaverse. One in which the real world would only get augmented instead of […]

How Artificial Intelligence is Outsmarting Human Scientists •

The most intelligent AI Scientists in the world are becoming increasingly worried about Artificial Intelligence programs becoming more unpredictable and incomprehensible as they become more powerful. AI is also overtaking powerful positions in the government, healthcare and defence which could prove dangerous as an Artificial Super Intelligence is coming very close as the Singularity approaches […]

NVIDIA Thinks we Live Inside a Simulation – Earth 2.0 Supercomputer

The Hardware Giant NVIDIA is now working on one of the craziest projects I’ve ever seen. They’re attempting to build the fastest supercomputer ever made in hopes of simulating the entire earth in real time for climate research and potentially even more. They call this super computer Earth 2 and it’s going to feature their […]

China’s Scary New AI Beats Human Intelligence and the USA •

The biggest tech company in China, Jack Ma’s Alibaba has just released the biggest, most efficient and newest Artificial Intelligence Model in the world. It’s almost 100 times smarter than GPT 3 and is even expected to surpass OpenAI’s yet to be released GPT 4 in both abilities and ease of use. The Alibaba M6 […]

Google's Terrifying Path to Artificial General Intelligence (Pathways AI)

Artificial General Intelligence has been pursued by the biggest tech companies in the world, but recently Google has announced their new revolutionary AI algorithm which promises to create the most performant and best Artificial Intelligence Models in the world. They call it Pathways AI, and it’s supposed to behave just like the human brain and […]

The Rise of Super Intelligent Robots – DIGIT AI: Most Advanced Robots of 2021

A new kind of Technology developed by Meta AI will enable more intelligent and efficient robots to enter our homes and replace humans in warehouses through advances in Artificial Intelligence. DIGIT and ReSkin are two advanced technologies that enable Robots to have better feelings than even some humans. One of the biggest and best AI […]

Terrifying Animal Experiments • Brain-Computer Interfaces •

Long before Brain Computer Interface Companies such as Neuralink existed, there’ve always been Brain Experiments done on Animals with crazy results. Whether it’s looking through the eyes of a cat, a monkey controlling a computer robot arm, or controlling a living beetle. Many creepy, but also amazing inventions have been done in the field of […]

Making Dogs Immortal?! – The Pet Longevity Project

Longevity Research isn’t just focused on making human immortal. They’re also making our Pets, such as cats and dogs live longer and healthier lifes. DNA and CRISPR research might soon make a real immortal dog. Many people would give a lot of money for medicine that gives them more time to spend with their pets. […]

IMMORTALITY & Life Insurance – Longevity Predictions

The the near future, when humans have become immortal, how will things like Life Insurances work and be used by people? This is one of the many questions in regard to Longevity we’ve to ask ourselves before it’s too late. Predicting the future of longevity and how long people will live is difficult but it’s […]

Amazing Robot Arms & Legs – Futuristic Robotic Prosthetics

The eventual goal of Neuralink & other BCI companies is to help amputees control bionic arms & legs like non-paraplegics. Most of the reasearch is done in monkeys controlling computers or playing MindPong with their Neuralink-like device. But these are the most advanced robot prosthetics and bionic limbs controlled by thoughts, the persons brain and […]

How To Stop Feeling Pain Instantly – Automatically Detect and Stop Pain

Everyone experiences a little pain occasionally, but what about people suffering from strong chronic pain? This new invention might help these people stop or at the very least, lower their experience of pain. This new brain computer interface is meant to detect and instantly stop people from hurting or feeling pain without any negatives. This […]

How Artificial Meat Changed The Meat Industry – Future Meat Technologies

The first artificial Lab-Grown Meats have recently gotten into stores and markets for everyone to buy and eat. But until now, those meats were largely just chicken nuggets or similar types of meat. But with Future Meat Technologies’ latest crazy invention, this has changed. They managed to create a system that actually involves Artificial Intelligence, […]