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[News] Google’s medical AI was super accurate in a lab. Real life was a different story.

A closer look at a story of how the deployment of AI brings its own challenges and what can go wrong. Links: YouTube: Twitter: BitChute: Minds: YouTube Source for this AI Video

Smartphones are OBSOLETE! – Vuzix Next Generation Smart Glasses

Smartphones have become old technology by now and is soon going to be replaced by the next big thing. Vuzix has created the first lightweight Smart AR Glasses that can project holograms at high contrast while still looking like regular glasses. The Vuzix next generation smart glasses feature futuristic micro-LED display technology to project augmented […]

YOU WILL want these New Robotic Limbs! – AI-Controlled Prosthetics

Advances in Artificial Intelligence, neuroscience and robotics have gotten us to a point where people might want to replace their biological limbs with robotic limbs due to there being more and more advantages with every passing day. Things like improved movement, intelligent controlling systems with the help of machine learning AI can help you control […]
These Celebrities try to Live Forever – New Longevity Technology

These Celebrities try to Live Forever – New Longevity Technology

Chris Hemsworth shocked the world by his announcement of making a movie about his journey to discover a cure for aging amongst several different biotechnology silicon valley startups. Celebrities have had a much easier time than us regular people in terms of investing in age reversal technology and generally becoming much older than us due […]

The Only Artificial Intelligence that can Learn – Deepmind Meta-Learning

Artificial Intelligence’s biggest Problems is their inability to keep on learning after they’ve completed their training. But now, Google’s Deepmind has created a Meta-Learning AI which keeps on learning and improving indefinitely without any Human supervision. Deepmind created the AI Game: Alchemy, which is a chemistry-based game for AI Agents to play and improve in. […]

A Real Living BIOLOGICAL ROBOT – The New Xenobots 2.0

A new version of the biological nanobots called “Xenobots” have been created and are an improvement in terms of speed, longevity and memory. These new Xenobots 2.0 are meant to deliver medical payloads to patients to help treat diseases, clean up the ocean from plastic and help us understand how cells interact with each other. […]

THE CURE for Tinnitus – A New Tinnitus Treatment

A cure for tinnitus has been found in the form of “Deep Brain Stimulation”. Scientists have been asking themselves for ages how to cure and treat tinnitus of their … YouTube Source for this AI News Video

How BioNTech is using Artificial Intelligence to find a Cancer Cure

BioNTech’s next big project after having created the most effective cure for the current health-crisis, is to find and develop a cure for cancer in the form of a vaccine. This new development in the field of medicine is in part possible due to the increase in funding of research and the exponential improvement in […]

The Rise of Super Intelligent Robots – DIGIT AI: Most Advanced Robots of 2021

A new kind of Technology developed by Meta AI will enable more intelligent and efficient robots to enter our homes and replace humans in warehouses through advances in Artificial Intelligence. DIGIT and ReSkin are two advanced technologies that enable Robots to have better feelings than even some humans. One of the biggest and best AI […]

I talk to the new Facebook Blender Chatbot

This is what a 9 Billion parameter transformer can do. I take a look at FAIR’s new paper “Recipes for building an open-domain chatbot” and try out their chatbot live! Jump to 3:00 to see the chatbot in action. Paper: Blog: Code: Abstract: Building open-domain chatbots is a challenging area for machine […]

Could Artificial Intelligence Ever Beat a Human Brain?

AI’s final and most important challange according to the leading AI Scientists seems to be beating the Human Brain in any kind of tasks put before them. This video shows you the differences between neurons inside the human brain and a regular neural network. What advantages and disadvantages do humans and machines have? Is the […]

This Robot will Cook Your Food By 2022

Miso Robotics’ Flippy 2 Robot promises to be the first household robot that any person or small buisness could buy to help prepare and make food inside of a kitchen without any big changes having to be made. This looks like it could be the first glimpse into a future in which robots help us […]

Photorealistic Human Graphics – Unreal Engine 5 Metahuman Creator

These are the most realistic graphics of human models ever made in computers. And now you’re able to easily make your own with the Unreal Engine 5 Metahuman Creator from Epic Games. Virtual Worlds are becoming more and more real looking overtime, and with the metahumans, Epic Games is getting closer and closer to finally […]

Why People are Microchipping their Brains – Next-Gen BCI's: Neurograins

Neurograins might be the future of implantable Brain Computer Interfaces due to their advantages in terms of abilities and safety in terms of implantation. Due to being the smallest Microchips ever made, in addition to being very powerful, they can make very high resolution recordings of brain activity and even stimulate areas in the brain […]

NEW Boston Dynamics Robot | Stretch Warehouse Robot

Stretch is a new robot from Boston Dynamics that’s about to take the jobs of millions of Amazon Warehouse Employees. How this amazing new robot is going to accomplish this, I’ll explain in this video. The new revolutionary prototype robot Stretch is able to lift up boxes, drive them to other places and locate them […]

Why Intel is Beating Everyone in Artificial Intelligence – Intel Loihi 2

In order to regain its lead Intel lost from AMD, Intel is now releasing several completely new revolutionary products which are meant to both beat and surpass AMD + NVIDIA in their respective fields. Intel Loihi 2 is one of the first neuromorphic computing chips ever released to consumers and is also the most powerful […]

Robots Creating Passive Income – Elon Musk & Universal Basic Income

Universal Basic Income is soon going to become a necessity due to Robots becoming exponentially more capable of doing jobs which previously could only be performed by humans. This has become especially apparent with Elon Musk’s new venture in the form of Tesla Robot Optimus which is aimed to be shown off in 2022. Whether […]

Google's Terrifying Path to Artificial General Intelligence (Pathways AI)

Artificial General Intelligence has been pursued by the biggest tech companies in the world, but recently Google has announced their new revolutionary AI algorithm which promises to create the most performant and best Artificial Intelligence Models in the world. They call it Pathways AI, and it’s supposed to behave just like the human brain and […]

[News] Facebook’s Real-Time TTS system runs on CPUs only!

Facebook AI’s new Text-To-Speech system is able to create 1 second of speech in as little as 500ms, making it real-time. What’s even more impressive is the fact that this does not require a rack of GPUs, but runs on merely 4 CPUs. OUTLINE: 0:00 – Intro 1:00 – Problem Formulation 3:20 – System Explanation […]

Humanoid Warehouse Robot – Boston Dynamics Competitor

Boston Dynamics has a new Competitor in the smart robot industry. Agility Robotics has created and already launched its humanoid robot to use in warehouses and construction. Unlike Boston Dynamics Atlas, it’s much cheaper and easier to move around due to its smaller stature. Robots Agility has named their bipedal human robot “Digit” after creating […]

Buying a Quantum Computer TODAY – Integrable Quantum Computers

Quantum Computers are no longer just part of research labs, but have become actual consumer items which you can buy yourself. What kind of impact and abilities these new super computers are going to have is currently unknown and will only be discovered over time. Quantum computers are only just starting to be built. They […]

Revolutionary New AI can be Run on Any Device

A new and revolutionary approach to building Artificial Intelligence models has shown promise of enabling almost any device, regardless of how powerful it is, to run enormous and intelligent Artificial Intelligence’s in a similar way to how our Human Brain operate. This is partially done with new and improved Neuromorphic Computing Hardware which is modelled […]