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Machine Learning for Earthquake Seismology with Karianne Bergen – #554

Today we’re joined by Karianne Bergen, an assistant professor at Brown University. In our conversation with Karianne, we explore her work at the intersection of earthquake seismology and machine learning, where she’s working on interpretable data classification for seismology. We discuss some of the challenges that present themselves when trying to solve this problem, and […]

A Universal Law of Robustness via Isoperimetry with Sebastien Bubeck – #551

Today we’re joined by Sebastian Bubeck a sr principal research manager at Microsoft, and author of the paper A Universal Law of Robustness via Isoperimetry, a NeurIPS 2021 Outstanding Paper Award recipient. We begin our conversation with Sebastian with a bit of a primer on convex optimization, a topic that hasn’t come up much in […]

The New DBfication of ML/AI with Arun Kumar – #553

Today we’re joined by Arun Kumarm, an associate professor at UC San Diego. We had the pleasure of catching up with Arun prior to the Workshop on Databases and AI at NeurIPS 2021, where he delivered the talk “The New DBfication of ML/AI.” In our conversation, we explore this “database-ification” of machine learning, a concept […]

Building Public Interest Technology with Meredith Broussard – 552

Today we’re joined by Meredith Broussard, an associate professor at NYU & research director at the NYU Alliance for Public Interest Technology. Meredith was a keynote speaker at the recent NeurIPS conference, and we had the pleasure of speaking with her to discuss her talk from the event, and her upcoming book, tentatively titled More […]

TWiML & AI x Fast.ai Machine Learning Study Group – Session 3 – October 21, 2018

**SUBSCRIBE AND TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS** **twimlai.com** This video is a recap of our Fast.ai x TWiML Online Machine Learning Study Group. In this session, we review Lesson 3, Performance, Validation and Model Interpretation. It’s not too late to join the study group. Just follow these simple steps: 1. Sign up for the TWiML Online Meetup, […]

Transformers for Vision Tasks

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AI for Ecology and Ecosystem Preservation with Bryan Carstens – #449

Today we’re joined by Bryan Carstens, a professor in the Department of Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology & Head of the Tetrapod Division in the Museum of Biological Diversity at The Ohio State University. In our conversation with Bryan, who comes from a traditional biology background, we cover a ton of ground, including a foundational […]

Trends in NLP with John Bohannon – #550

Today we’re joined by friend of the show John Bohannon, the director of science at Primer AI, to help us showcase all of the great achievements and accomplishments in NLP in 2021! In our conversation, John shares his two major takeaways from last year, 1) NLP as we know it has changed, and we’re back […]

TWiML x CS224n Study Group – Lesson 3

This is a recording of the CS224n Study Group on Lecture 2, presented by Avinash Kappa. It’s not too late to join the study group. Just follow these simple steps: 1. Head over to twimlai.com/meetup, and sign up for the programs you’re interested in, including either the CS224n study group or our Monthly Meetup groups. […]

Trends in Computer Vision with Georgia Gkioxari – #549

Happy New Year! We’re excited to kick off 2022 joined by Georgia Gkioxari, a research scientist at Meta AI, to showcase the best advances in the field of computer vision over the past 12 months, and what the future holds for this domain. Welcome back to AI Rewind! In our conversation Georgia highlights the emergence […]

Bighead: Airbnb's Machine Learning Platform with Atul Kale – TWiML Talk #198

In this episode of our AI Platforms series, we’re joined by Atul Kale, Engineering Manager on the machine learning infrastructure team at Airbnb. Atul and I met at the Strata Data conference a while back to discuss Airbnb’s internal machine learning platform, Bighead. In our conversation, Atul outlines the ML lifecycle at Airbnb and how […]

Hypergraphs, Simplicial Complexes and Graph Representations of Complex Systems – #547

https://Today we continue our NeurIPS coverage joined by Tina Eliassi-Rad, a professor at Northeastern University, and an invited speaker at the I Still Can’t Believe It’s Not Better! Workshop. In our conversation with Tina, we explore her research at the intersection of network science, complex networks, and machine learning, how graphs are used in her […]

Optimization School with Dr. Mike – #545

Today we’re joined by Michael McCourt the head of engineering at SigOpt. In our conversation with Michael, we explore the vast space around the topic of optimization, including the technical differences between ML and optimization and where they’re applied, what the path to increasing complexity looks like for a practitioner and the relationship between optimization […]

MeshCNN: A Network with an Edge @ TWiML Online Meetup EMEA

**SUBSCRIBE AND TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS** **twimlai.com** This video is a recap of our June 2019 EMEA TWiML Online Meetup: MeshCNN: A Network with an Edge. In this month’s community segment, we discuss the Imagenet-trained CNNs are biased towards texture article and the Open-sourcing Ax and Bo Torch article. In our presentation segment, Rana Hanocka presents […]

Jupyter and the Evolution of ML Tooling with Brian Granger – #544

Today we conclude our AWS re:Invent coverage joined by Brian Granger, a senior principal technologist at Amazon Web Services, and a co-creator of Project Jupyter. In our conversion with Brian, we discuss the inception and early vision of Project Jupyter, including how the explosion of machine learning and deep learning shifted the landscape for the […]

Aaron Ames Interview – Integrative Learning for Robotic Systems

This week on the podcast we’re featuring a series of conversations from the AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas. I had a great time at this event getting caught up on the latest and greatest machine learning and AI products and services announced by AWS and its partners. Today we’re joined by Aaron Ames, Professor […]

Creating a Data-Driven Culture at ADP with Jack Berkowitz – #543

Today we continue our 2021 re:Invent series joined by Jack Berkowitz, chief data officer at ADP. In our conversation with Jack, we explore the ever evolving role and growth of machine learning at the company, from the evolution of their ML platform, to the unique team structure. We discuss Jack’s perspective on data governance, the […]

re:Invent Roundup 2021 with Bratin Saha – #542

Today we’re joined by Bratin Saha, vice president and general manager at Amazon. In our conversation with Bratin, we discuss quite a few of the recent ML focused announcements coming out of last week’s re:Invent conference, including new products like Canvas and Studio Lab, as well as upgrades to existing services like Ground Truth Plus. […]

TWiML x Fast ai Machine Learning Study Group – Session 12 – December 23, 2018

**SUBSCRIBE AND TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS** **twimlai.com** This video is a recap of our Fast.ai x TWiML Online Machine Learning Study Group. In this session, we review Lesson 12, Complete Rossmann, Ethical Issues. It’s not too late to join the study group. Just follow these simple steps: 1. Head over to twimlai.com/meetup, and sign up for […]