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AI for High-Stakes Decision Making with Hima Lakkaraju – #387

Welcome to the Twimal AI Podcast. I’m your host Sam Charrington. Hey, what is up, good Twimal people? Before we jump into today’s show from our CVPR series, I’d like to share a few quick details about the next great event in our continuing live discussion series. Join us on Wednesday, July 1st for the […]

Engineering Production NLP Systems at T-Mobile

The Twemal AI podcast is hosted by Sam Charington and Heather Nollis, a principal machine learning engineer at T-Mobile. This week's episode is a look at the work of a machine-learning engineer at the heart of an AI experiment.

Sim2Real and Optimus, the Humanoid Robot with Ken Goldberg – 599

All right everyone welcome to another episode of the TWiML AI podcast. I am your host Sam Charrington and today I’m joined by Ken Goldberg, the professor of industrial engineering and operations research and the William S Floyd Jr. Distinguished Chair in Engineering at UC Berkeley. Ken is also the chief scientist at MB Robotics. […]