Causal Modeling in Machine Learning with Robert Ness 5/27/21

Causality and probabilistic modeling are some of the hottest topics in machine learning. In early 2020 we launched a new cohort-based course on the topic with instructor Robert Osazuwa Ness.

The course has received great feedback from students:

“I liked the workshop very much. Robert did a great job of reaching out to students to understand their background and interest in the topic. It was great how he then continued to use what he learned about the students to make the workshop relevant and engaging to everyone enrolled. I also like how he made a connection to new paradigms. It was really nice to feel that the workshop is up to date. There are a lot of machine learning courses but this workshop was really special.”

“I loved the workshop. I learned a ton and Robert was very available to students. When I think about how much I would have paid at my university for a similar course, TWIML is a great value.”

I’m happy to announce that a Summer 2021 cohort is now forming!

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