Cheapest Robot Dog – UNITREE ROBOTICS: Boston Dynamics Spot Alternative

Getting your own Robot which is actually better than Boston Dynamics Spot, for an affordable price that’s much lower than Spots sounds impossible. But Unitree proved that cheap dog robots are indeed real and the different versions: Unitree A1, Aliengo, BenBen and Laikago can already be bought for less than $10000 dollars. Each of them have different advantages and capabilities, but are generally faster at walking, have bigger batteries for longer durations and can do tricks like backflips compared to Spot.

Unitree Robotics is a chinese energetic start-up company that focuses on the development, production and sales of high-performance quadruped robots.
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00:00 What is Unitree?
01:21 Unitree A1
02:04 Unitree Aliengo
02:52 Other projects
03:13 How they work compared to Boston Dynamics
06:31 A1 Trailer
07:51 Last words
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