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Date of video 31 Jul 2021.
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Stream title: George Hotz Announcing COMMA THREE at COMMA_CON

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00:00:00 George Hotz introduction
00:00:42 History of comma
00:05:06 Consumer reports 2020 and performance of openpilot
00:07:25 The computer vision lesson not learned
00:09:27 Cone guy
00:09:57 Will this be in the final system?
00:10:58 Uber mistake
00:12:35 Is this how a human does it?
00:14:41 Comma mission
00:16:07 Comma as a business and business people
00:17:25 Comma business fundamentals
00:18:59 Shopify numbers
00:20:03 Weekly devices by type
00:20:59 Comma’s destiny
00:22:00 Why don’t you work with car companies?
00:23:19 Total addressable market
00:24:07 Three commas
00:24:39 Comma as consumer electronics company
00:26:10 The road to superhuman
00:27:21 More cameras?
00:27:41 Counting to three
00:27:54 Comma three annuncement
00:29:28 Back of comma three
00:30:16 360° vision and sensor stack
00:32:36 Pictures from the cameras
00:34:06 Hardware specifications of comma three
00:37:29 Display port
00:37:45 Motherboard front view
00:40:31 Motherboard back view
00:41:13 Openpilot at launch performance
00:41:48 Device OS AGNOS is Ubuntu 20.04 based
00:42:22 Navigation aplha is ready
00:43:47 EPHOT users tested device for months
00:45:21 Price slide
00:45:37 From $2199
00:46:00 The three is in production first ship date is Thursday
00:46:15 Comma three crosscountry
00:46:45 Crosscountry price
00:46:55 This is the comma three
00:47:19 About team
00:47:37 Tesla FSD beta
00:47:55 Unboxing the comma three
00:48:44 Accessories bag
00:49:21 Time for questions
00:49:55 Car harness the same for comma 3 as for comma 2
00:50:45 Potential for auto insurance
00:51:53 Biggest challenges with building a world class team
00:52:24 Difference between crosscontry edition other then the storage and the badge
00:53:03 Why so much shade for Elon
00:53:53 Benefits of having more storage
00:54:16 Trade in program for existing users of some sorts
00:55:33 Is the C3 storage replaceable/upgradable by the user
00:56:49 Driver facing camera and fusing the cameras
00:57:28 Sentry mode with that expanded storage
00:58:08 Question about boot time
00:59:13 Commercial use case for fleets and thoughts about crypto
01:00:55 Question about european market or any other markets
01:01:24 Does the device support Hotspot
01:02:08 Question about VR usecase
01:02:48 Roadmap on the levels of automation and user interaction with the system
01:03:35 How to use navigation
01:04:15 Navigation integration with auto lane change
01:05:52 Products in comma ecosystem
01:07:40 Microphones use case
01:08:47 Tesla support for comma 3
01:11:10 More information about dynamic range on cameras

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