CONTROL YOUR MIND with BCI | Kernel's Non-Invasive Brain Computer Interface

Bryan Johnson’s Brain Computer Interface Company Kernel, focuses on giving people the power to control their own mind with nothing more than a simple helmet.
The new non-invasive BCI Headsets “Kernel Flow” and “Kernel Flux” are both set to release this year in 2021, and will eventually enable the average consumer and companies to have access to vast amounts of brain activity for potential future BCI applications such as stress monitoring, behavior recommendations, controlling your emotions or feelings and potentially even recording or changing your lucid dreams.

According to Bryan Johnson a future more advanced version of the Kernel Flow Helmet will be in every household by 2030. What capabilities do you think this future BCI headsets will have? Fully immersive Virtual Reality? Reading or changing your thoughts? Would this be even feasible like with the actually invasive Neuralink Brain Computer Interfaces? One thing is for certain: Kernel is a huge development for helping understand anxiety, depression or stress.
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