CreaTech: Designing Impact

CreaTech: Designing Impact

Efforts across sectors and geographies to inspire behavioural change through design has the power to evoke emotional responses as well as help solve some of our biggest global challenges. Great design can accelerate social justice efforts, advance public health initiatives, and reduce carbon footprints or waste. If global individuals and institutions can find even more effective ways to harness this intentional practice – carried out and augmented by creatives at the forefront of industry, architecture, the arts and culture – it may prove to be the key to addressing some of our biggest global challenges over the next ten years.

To explore this topic further, Boster Group is bringing together two leaders within design and architecture to discuss how they think about behavioural change in the context of their practice and how business leaders can do the same. Acclaimed Silicon Valley designer Yves Béhar (Founder, fuseproject) and this year’s Serpentine Pavilion architect, Sumayya Vally (Founder, Counterspace Studio) join Boster Group CEO, Susan Boster, to explore how creativity in design and architecture influences behaviour and, through innovative partnerships, becomes part of the solution to major global challenges. The two acclaimed designers – Yves, who was once Conde Nast’s Designer of the Year and Sumayya, who made this year’s TIME 100 Leaders of the Future list – will discuss how their different practices help the buildings, products and spaces that occupy our everyday lives address social justice, entrepreneurship, circularity and sustainability.

Yves Béhar – Founder and CEO – fuseproject
Sumayya Vally – Serpentine Pavilion architect – Serpentine Galleries
Susan Boster – Founder and CEO – Boster Group (Moderator)

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