Data-centric AI: Real World Approaches

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Event agenda (*subject to change):
10-min: Keynote speech: Andrew Ng
15-min: Presentations from the panel speakers on their work and the real world approaches of data-centric AI
45-min Panel discussion:
20-min Q&A

In this event, Dr. Andrew Ng and his teams, as well as other industry leaders will be sharing their views as well as real-world use cases on how they have elevated data-centric approaches to improving the performance of machine learning models.

This event is a special collaboration between DeepLearning.AI, FourthBrain, Landing AI and AI Fund (all founded by Dr. Andrew Ng and/or backed by the AI Fund).

To learn more:
Data-centric AI competition (submission deadline: Sep 4, 2021):
Andrew Ng’s speech on MLOps: From model-centric to data-centric AI:
Landing AI:
AI Fund:

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