Deep Dive on PyTorch Quantization – Chris Gottbrath

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It’s important to make efficient use of both server-side and on-device compute resources when developing machine learning applications. To support more efficient deployment on servers and edge devices, PyTorch added a support for model quantization using the familiar eager mode Python API.

Quantization leverages 8bit integer (int8) instructions to reduce the model size and run the inference faster (reduced latency) and can be the difference between a model achieving quality of service goals or even fitting into the resources available on a mobile device. Even when resources aren’t quite so constrained it may enable you to deploy a larger and more accurate model. Quantization is available in PyTorch starting in version 1.3 and with the release of PyTorch 1.4 we published quantized models for ResNet, ResNext, MobileNetV2, GoogleNet, InceptionV3 and ShuffleNetV2 in the PyTorch torchvision 0.5 library.

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