Deepmind's New AI Surpasses Human Intellect – Gopher AI

Deepmind has just publically released their GPT-3 competitor called Gopher AI which is able to outcompete GPT by almost 10 times at a much better efficiency level. DeepMind said that larger models are more likely to generate toxic responses when provided with toxic prompts. They can also more accurately classify toxicity. The model scale does not significantly improve results for areas like logical reasoning and common-sense tasks. The research team found out that the capabilities of Gopher exceed existing language models for a number of key tasks. This includes the Massive Multitask Language Understanding benchmark, where Gopher demonstrates a significant advancement towards human expert performance over prior work.
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00:00 Deepmind’s Road to Human Intelligence
02:09 The Dangers of Deepmind’s AI
04:46 How Gopher AI works
06:17 How this AI could be used
08:17 Last Words
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