Edge AI for Smart Manufacturing with Trista Chen – TWiML Talk #253

Today we’re joined by Trista Chen, chief scientist of machine learning at Inventec.

At GTC, Trista spoke on “Edge AI in Smart Manufacturing: Defect Detection and Beyond.” In our conversation, we discuss a few of the challenges that Industry 4.0 initiatives aim to address and dig into a few of the various use cases she’s worked on, such as the deployment of machine learning in an industrial setting to perform defect detection, safety improvement, demand forecasting, and more. We also dig into the role of edge, cloud, and what she calls hybrid AI, which is inference happening both in the cloud and on the edge concurrently. Finally, we discuss the challenges associated with estimating the ROI of industrial AI projects and the need that often arises to redefine the problem to understand the ultimate impact of the solution.

The complete show notes for this episode can be found at https://twimlai.com/talk/253.

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