Episode 3: From PyTorch to PyTorch Lightning

This video covers the magic of PyTorch Lightning! We convert the pure PyTorch classification model we created in the previous episode to PyTorch Lightning, which makes all the latest AI best practices trivial. We go over training on single and multi GPUs, logging and saving models, and many more!

Alfredo Canziani is a Computer Science professor at NYU (check out his deep learning class -https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list…)
Willam Falcon is an AI Ph.D. researcher at NYU, and creator and founder of PyTorch Lightning

00:00 Introduction to PyTorch Lightning
00:38 Install PyTorch Lightning
01:03 5 main components of a Lightning Module
01:47 Defining a model
04:05 Optimizer
05:20 The Training Loop
07:26 Loading and preparing data
09:10 Running training experiments
16:04 Training on a GPU
17:35 Logging and saving models
23:02 Validation loop
31:48 Multi GPU training

Source of this PyTorch Lightning Video

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