Every model I build has to answer 1 simple question | Airbnb Machine Learning Project Part 5

I read an article the other which described how Airbnb uses computer vision and machine learning to automatically detect amenities (household objects) in their listings. I loved it so much I decided to replicate it in my own version as a machine learning project.

Since machine learning is a very experimental process, meaning you try something, see if it works and if not you try something else.

I plan on building a number of different models to see which one works best. To track the results of each different model, I set up Weights & Biases, a tool for tracking deep learning experiments.

Now I’ve got it working with Detectron2, it’s time to scale up the small working model with more data.

All videos in this series:
Full playlist – https://dbourke.link/airbnbplaylist
Part 1 (overview) – https://youtu.be/C_lIenSJb3c
Part 2 (data exploration) – https://youtu.be/hTHXVfryZDo
Part 3 (data manipulation) – https://youtu.be/cijajMJ3m3w
Part 4 (building a small dog model) – https://youtu.be/ooB-ZU9iLmI
Part 5 (experiment tracking) – https://youtu.be/83s-OEFMgVY
Part 6 (modelling experimentation) – https://youtu.be/eiA3EEeGAZc
Part 7 (building a big dog model) – https://youtu.be/5X6A1i5wbFU
Part 8 (getting my modelling deployed) – https://youtu.be/smlQbh6jQvg
Part 9 (project wrap up and retrospective) – https://youtu.be/aBkUE5OJ8u8

Note: I am not affiliated with Airbnb nor are they involved with this series of videos in any way.

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Airbnb Amenity Detection article – https://link.medium.com/05qPErz3a4
Weights & Biases (tool for tracking deep learning experiments) – https://www.wandb.com/
Weights & Biases tutorials – https://www.wandb.com/tutorials

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