Grow Your Career in the Industry as an ML Practitioner

Event Agenda:
-20 mins: A presentation by Madhura Dudhgaonkar, Senior Director, Machine Learning, Workday Inc.
-40 mins: Q&A on Discourse

How to join Q&A:
-Go to the DeepLearning.AI community:
-If you are new to our Discourse community, please click here to join first:
-Once you log in, go to the Careers category and post your questions or upvote others.

Join us as Madhura shares key insights and real-world examples to help you in your journey toward becoming a sought-after ML practitioner based on her experience establishing early ML efforts at Workday alongside other leaders.

At Workday, Madhura’s work involved productionizing ML products using everything from classic techniques such as Linear regression to advanced architectures using Transformers such as BERT, as well as building the Machine Learning Engineer job profile and career framework that guides thousands of developers on how to grow their careers in the ML domain.

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