Heroes of NLP: Chris Manning

Heroes of NLP is a video interview series featuring Andrew Ng, the founder of DeepLearning.AI, in conversation with thought leaders in NLP. Watch Andrew lead an enlightening discourse around how these industry and academic experts started in AI, their previous and current research projects, how their understanding of AI has changed through the decades, and what advice they can provide for learners of NLP.

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This is an interview featuring Andrew Ng and Chris Manning, professor of Computer Science and Linguistics at Stanford University.

00:58 – 05:39 Your journey getting started in AI
05:42 – 07:22 Transformer
07:23 – 19:36 Neural machine translation
19:40 – 23:48 The paper on linear attention
23:48 – 27:08 GloVe
27:08 – 37:33 Thoughts on the trends of bigger and bigger NLP models, GPT-3 and whether the scale is a path to AGI
37:34 – 41:38 What makes a good researcher and how does a student become creative
41:53 – 45:20 Advice for someone looking to build a career in AI/NLP

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