Heroes of NLP: Kathleen McKeown

Heroes of NLP is a video interview series featuring Andrew Ng, the founder of DeepLearning.AI, in conversation with thought leaders in NLP. Watch Andrew lead an enlightening discourse around how these industry and academic experts started in AI, their previous and current research projects, how their understanding of AI has changed through the decades, and what advice they can provide for learners of NLP.

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This is an interview featuring Andrew Ng and Kathleen McKeown, a professor of Computer Science at Columbia University.

01:02 – 04:03 How you became an NLP researcher
04:03 – 07:44 Advice for someone trying to break into NLP themselves and wondering if they know enough or are good enough or shouldn’t be in this field
07:45 – 12:29 Current work at Columbia University on interdisciplinary work and novel summarization
13:00 – 19:56 How do you pick research topics to work on
19:57 – 25:10 current work about analyzing texts from African American community
25:12 – 29:30 Thoughts on how the field of NLP has evolved over the years
29:40 – 34:11What do you find most exciting in terms of emerging NLP technologies?

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