Highlights | Building next generation marketplace: An insider's view

The non-fungible token market exceeded $40B in value at its peak in 2021. The global physical art market stands at $65B in 2022. The two markets are currently competing with each other – but for the NFT markets to win the race – it is necessary for traders and collectors to have the necessary toolkits to do so such as access to existing marketplaces and tools to create new marketplaces, compliance and regulations around sales, and taxation software. This panel seeks to answer key questions around what is needed for the NFT market to surpass the global physical art market in value.

John S Lee – Head of Blockchain Ecosystem – Shopify
Dan Bolland – CFO – Cube
Michael Gord – CEO – GDA Capital Corporation
Noelle Reno – Marketing Director – Smart Media Labs
Tommy Danvers – CCO, Originator and Founder – TokenTraxx

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