How EMBL-EBI make AlphaFold’s 200m predictions available – Unfolded

Prof Dame Janet Thornton and Mihaly Varadi are helping transform biology at the European Bioinformatics Institute of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL-EBI), an intergovernmental research organisation funded by over 20 member states.

EMBL-EBI champions open data in the life sciences, with data sets spanning genomics, proteins, small molecules, ontologies and more. They were a natural partner for DeepMind to host the AlphaFold Protein Structure Database, now making over 200m protein structure predictions freely available to scientists globally.

As part of Unfolded, a series meeting the scientists using AlphaFold, we travelled to EMBL-EBI’s home at the Wellcome Genome Campus in Hinxton, UK, to meet Janet and Mihaly.

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