How I became a productivity machine

This video goes through some tips I use to manage my time more productively.

Sid asked me the other day how I manage to get so many things done. In this video, I share some of the principles and techniques I use to manage my time and decide on what to work on.

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My AI Masters Degree (blog post) –
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3:15 – How this video is broken down (long, mid, short-term)
4:20 – Future self-authoring program
5:55 – My ideal future self (how I plan for the long-term)
9:40 – How I plan for the short & mid-term
11:15 – The commonalities between my long-term goals (learning to create and creating to learn)
13:05 – Example of a mid-term goal
15:10 – Breaking the mid-term into short-term
17:34 – My daily plan
22:38 – My weekly plan
25:50 – The Trello board I use to plan my longer-term projects
33:00 – Demo Trello board

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