How to avoid knee surgery: Strengthen your glute medius (here's how)

This glute activating workout can be done as a warmup to a heavy hip hinge lift or as a stand-alone way to strengthen your glute medius. It’s my go-to glute warm-up before any deadlifting or squatting.

(all movements are done with feet 6-12 inches apart)
2:00 – Exercises start
2:14 – Front swing/kick
2:39 – Back swing/movement
2:57 – Forward and backward movement
3:20 – Clockwise circles
3:37.- Anticlockwise circles
4:00 – Bicycle pedals

10 repetitions each, no rest, through twice on each leg.

Increase/decrease repetitions as needed.

This video was recorded during the COVID-19 lockdowns (day 28 of the #repsforrona series). Being indoors more doesn’t mean you have to stop moving. We’ll get through this. Keep moving, stay safe.

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