How to Choose an NVIDIA GPU for Deep Learning in 2021: Quadro, Ampere, GeForce Compared

If you are thinking about buying one… or two… GPUs for your deep learning computer, you must consider options like Ampere, GeForce, TITAN, and Quadro. These brands are rapidly evolving. In this video, I discuss this ever-changing landscape as of January 2021.

1:50 Cooling a GPU
2:40 Cooling 2 GPUs
3:10 NVLink
4:55 GPU Memory
7:00 NVIDIA GeForce 30 Series
8:26 Quadro
9:10 Multiple GPUs
14:14 More on NVLink
15:01 GPUs on Laptops
17:18 So what GPU would I get

Lenovo ThinkStation:

NVIDIA Quadro:

NVIDIA 30-Series:

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