How To Colonize The Moon And Mars Featuring Author of The Martian Andy Weir

How To Colonize The Moon – Living On The Moon Explained

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The Martian (2011)

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In this episode of John Michael Godier’s Event Horizon John’s guest is author of The Martian (2011) and Artemis (2017) Andy Weir. They discuss the science of living on Mars, how, why, and when to colonize the Moon and Mars. How there is far more water on mars than when Andy wrote The Martian. Then they deliberate over how Artificial Intelligence may put them both out of writing jobs in the near future.

Can We Live On The Moon? If So How Will We Get Back To The Moon And Stay There. What Will Living On The Moon Be Like? How Do We Live On Mars? Is It Possible To Live On Mars? Exploring the possibility of terraforming Mars.

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