How to Create Your Own Data Science Curriculum with Coursera in 2021

If you’re looking to learn data science in 2021, perhaps you might be interested in creating your own self-guided, self-paced curriculum. This video shows how you might create one using Coursera and Notion.

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There’s no speed limit by Derek Sivers –

0:00 – Intro/storytime
1:25 – The line which changed my whole concept of learning
3:55 – What this curriculum is based off
4:25 – Coursera data science curriculum template with Notion exploration
9:00 – Curriculum outline start
14:12 – How to track your progress with Notion
20:45 – What to do after you’ve built some data science foundations

Note: I am an affiliate partner with Coursera. This means if you click any of the links and pay for something, the price will be as normal but I may receive a portion of the payment, funds I use to create resources like this.

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