How to get experience as a beginner data scientist

Manuela emailed the other day asking “how can a beginner data scientist like me get experience?”. The question followed up with, “I’ve done some courses and projects, but everywhere I look people are asking for experience.”

This video contains the audio-visual version of the response I replied with.

0:00 – Intro ramble
0:40 – Actual video start
0:58 – Email from Manuela (basis of the video)
1:33 – Disclaimer (I’m not going for a job)
2:25 – The dreaded job posting
3:53 – #1 The courses and experience gap
8:00 – #2 Start the job before you have it
11:52 – #3 The follow-up
14:33 – #4 Get to know someone
19:10 – #5 Share your work
22:40 – Summary
25:20 – Further reading

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