How to learn data science with Coursera in 2022 (beginner-friendly)

This video details how to create your own beginner-friendly curriculum using Notion to learn Python, data science and machine learning on Coursera in 2022.

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0:00 – Intro
0:42 – Overview of what we’re covering
1:05 – Coursera Plus
2:11 – Defining different data roles (data scientist vs. data analyst)
3:12 – What is machine learning?
3:38 – Curriculum outline (beginner, bonus, advanced)
4:16 – Curriculum outline (beginner courses for Python, data science and machine learning)
5:16 – Course 1: Learning How to Learn
6:01 – Course 2: Python for Everybody
6:52 – Course 3: Applied Data Science with Python
7:46 – Course 4: Machine Learning Specialization
8:30 – Special mention: Andrew Ng’s classic machine learning course
8:59 – Course 5: Mathematics for Machine Learning
9:39 – Bonus 1: Google’s Introduction to Git and GitHub
10:31 – Bonus 2: “How does a beginner data scientist like me get experience?”
11:05 – Notion curriculum creation walkthrough

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