How to Set Up TensorFlow Object Detection on the Raspberry Pi

Learn how to install TensorFlow and set up the TensorFlow Object Detection API on your Raspberry Pi! These instructions will allow you to detect objects in live video streams from your Picamera or USB webcam.

Get a Raspberry Pi:
Get a Picamera:
Handy Picamera + Pi case:

If you have questions, I usually respond more quickly if you send me a tweet on Twitter: @EdjeElectronics

I created this video using a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B running Raspbian Stretch. It should also work for the Raspberry Pi 2.

—- Link to steps in video —-
1:00 Step 1. Update the Raspberry Pi
1:38 Step 2. Install TensorFlow
4:14 Step 3. Install OpenCV
6:03 Step 4. Compile and Install Protobuf
10:29 Step 5. Set up TensorFlow directory structure
14:39 Step 6. Test out object detector!

—- Links mentioned in video —-
Written version of this tutorial on GitHub:
lhelontra’s “TensorFlow on ARM” repository:
OSDevLab’s guide to building Protobuf on the Pi:
GitHub Protobuf releases page:
TensorFlow Model Zoo:
Card detector model on DropBox:

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